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How to Repair a Rubber Roof

Rubber roofing is one of the most widely-used flat roof materials on the market today — and for a good reason. If the rubber roof on your building has seen better days and is leaking, we have a solution that fixes all of the major problems that come with this roof type. In today’s blog we’re explaining how to repair a rubber roof — and we’re profiling our rubber roof restoration solution.

At J. Smucker Contracting, we’re a commercial roofer that specializes in restoring old roofs to make them stronger than when they were new. How confident are we that our system works? We offer an 18-year non-prorated warranty on it. Since EPDM rubber roofs are some of the most common materials on commercial buildings, we have ample experience working on and restoring them. See how we repair a rubber roof — and request a free quote to restore yours as well.

How We Restore EPDM Rubber Roofing

how to restore epdm rubber roofing

While isolated roof leaks only need simple patchwork repairs, more extensive leaks demand more extensive solutions. For large buildings with significant damage, we repair rubber roofs by directly fixing all of the most common reasons that an EPDM roof will leak and fail. Simply put, we turn the roof’s weak spots into the toughest sections of the roof. The three weak points of any commercial rubber roof are the seams, the fasteners, and the membrane itself.

Here’s how to repair a rubber roof by reinforcing each of those areas:

  1. Seal the Seams — Since EPDM rubber roofs are rolled on individual sheets, there will be space between the rolls. These are called seams, and they are some of the most common areas for leakage to occur on a rubber roof. As part of our roof restoration system, we apply a strip of fabric to each of the seams and then seal it with our waterproof roof coating. This makes what was once the Achilles heel of the roof one of the strongest points.
  2. Reinforce the Fasteners — The metal fasteners used to attach the rubber surface can also prove to be a problem. Over time these metal fasteners can rust and rot away, leaving another weak area that can invite water infiltration. Our total rubber roof repair system fixes this by caulking and re-sealing all of the fasteners to make them impervious to the elements.
  3. Coat the Membrane — While the seams and the fasteners may be more likely to fail than the surface membrane itself, even that can be damaged. Whether the surface has sustained puncture damage, or has simply torn from expanding and contracting in the sun, we can repair the rubber membrane. We do this by coating the entire surface in a waterproof coating. As an added bonus, this reflective coating can cut your building’s energy bills.

Hopefully, this overview gave you some idea of how to repair a rubber roof. If you’d like to find out what it costs to have us restore yours, reach out for a free inspection and quote. Generally, our rubber roof restoration costs about 50% less compared to replacing the roof — impressive savings when you’re faced with a damaged roof.

Find out more about our roof restoration services.

What is EPDM Roofing & Why Is it Popular?

what is epdm roofing

While EPDM roofs can require repair from time to time, they are a very popular option for commercial buildings. In fact, if you don’t know what type of roof your building has, chances are it is an EPDM rubber roof.

If you’re wondering what is EPDM roofing and why it’s a good choice, we have your answers. EPDM roofing is synthetic rubber which is added onto the roof surface in large rolls. Around since the 1960s, EPDM rubber roofing has become a popular option since it is a somewhat less expensive option than metal and some single-ply roof types. In addition, EPDM roofs have an average lifespan of around 15 years.

Learn more about common commercial roof lifespans.

Trust J. Smucker to Restore or Repair Your Rubber Roof

Whether your roof has a few small leaks you want to stop before they get worse, or it needs a full overhaul, we’re the team to trust. We have experience working on rubber roofs of all sizes — and we’re ready to handle your project.

Businesses trust our full rubber roof repair as it saves approximately 50% less compared to a full replacement, yet it comes backed with a better-than-brand-new 18-year warranty.

If you think your roof needs repaired, restored, or replaced, we invite you to reach out. We offer all potential clients a free roof inspection. Contact us to schedule yours today!

The Business Roofing Experts

At J. Smucker Contracting, we do one thing: business roofing for companies and buildings of ALL sizes. We are an exclusively commercial roofing company that pairs the famous Amish work ethic with cutting-edge roofing systems.

As a 100% business roofing company, we know what matters to owners and facility managers. You want a roof that doesn’t leak — and won’t leak for a long time — and you don’t want to spend an enormous amount of money to get it. That’s what our signature Conklin roofing restoration systems deliver. Our roof restoration system not only provides a better roof — but restoring your business’s roof costs approximately half as much as new roof installation.

The HUGE savings, the convenience, and the superior finished roof have made restoration the go-to solution for businesses of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. Learn more about our business roofing services — and what J. Smucker Contracting can do for you.

Our Signature Roof Restoration

business roof restoration

Once, the only thing to do about a roof that leaked was to tear it off and install a brand new one. There’s a better way nowadays! Our roof restoration coatings can make a damaged roof better and stronger than the day it was new. This restoration system reinforces EVERY water leakage area or weak spot to not only stop the issues now but to prevent them for decades going forward.

Compared to the time and materials needed to tear off a roof, restoration takes about half as much time — and most importantly — costs about half as much as a full roof replacement. Not only is roof restoration a smart financial choice, but you can feel confident that your restored roof will last. At J. Smucker Contracting, we offer an 18-year, non-prorated warranty on ALL of our restored roofs.

Want to talk finances? Learn more about what flat roof replacement really costs.

One final advantage of roof restoration that business owners love is that the coating material we use actually turns the surface of the roof white. Having a white roof reflects the rays of the sun, keeping your building cooler over the summer naturally, which reduces your HVAC bills. Like we said, we know that business owners care about saving money NOW — and saving money year-after-year!

Other Roofing Services

In addition to our signature roof coating, we offer a wide range of other roofing services for a variety of roofing types. As a full-service commercial roofer, there is no roof too big and no problem we can’t solve!

Our other business roofing services include:

  1. Roof Installation
  2. Roof Repair
  3. Roof Coatings
  4. Foam Roofing Services
  5. Commercial Gutter Service
  6. Commercial Roof Maintenance

We have the ability to bring our roofing services to any type of commercial roof as well. These are the commercial roof materials we service:

  1. EPDM
  2. TPO
  3. PVC
  4. R-Panel Metal
  5. Standing Seam
  6. Modified Bitumen

See our picks for the 4 best flat roof materials on the market.

Get Your Business Roofing Quote Today

business roofing services

Do you know what condition your building’s roof is in? Most business owners don’t know whether their roof is full of holes or is holding strong. That’s why J. Smucker Contracting offers FREE roof inspections to potential clients.

Our roofing experts will examine your roof and give you a full report about what (if anything) your roof needs. This allows us to provide you the needed expert insight that will allow you to make the right practical decision about your roof.

In addition to offering a free inspection, we also provide ALL of our quotes 100% free of charge — contact us to start the conversation and for your free roofing inspection.

Meet the New Nashville Commercial Roofing Contractors

Whether in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, or anywhere else throughout the country, we know that business owners and facility managers don’t enjoy thinking about their roofs. However, the one thing they dislike more than having to think about them is having to pay tons of money to replace them when they leak. That’s why J. Smucker Contracting, the new Nashville commercial roofing contractors, has cutting-edge solutions to save business owners money on their roofs — and we’re offering a $1,000 cash rebate until the end of 2019!

At J. Smucker Contracting, our specialty is full roof restoration, which makes an old, damaged roof perform better than when it was new. Not only are any leaky spots taken care of and the roof becomes stronger than ever, but restoration costs about 50% less than what tearing off and building a new roof does. Not only do you save a ton of money, but you can feel confident in your restored roof because ALL restoration systems come with a non-prorated 18-year warranty. Learn more about the newest commercial roofers in Nashville, how we’ve made our name saving money for business owners like you, and how you can claim the $1,000 new-in-town cash rebate!

New-in-Town Cash Rebate

commercial roof restoration rebate for tn business owners

Since we want to introduce our Amish work ethic and cutting-edge roof restoration systems to the business community in Nashville, we’re offering a new-in-town cash rebate. Until the end of 2019, we’re giving every business that uses us for their roof restoration (with a minimum 5,000 sq. ft. roof) a $1,000 cash rebate.

If you know your roof needs serious work but you’ve been putting it off, this is your chance. Not only will restoration save you approximately 50% compared to the price of a tear-off and replacement — but we’ll also give you a $1,000 rebate until the end of 2019 for even better savings.

One other benefit you can count on from J. Smucker Contracting: we offer every new potential client a FREE roofing inspection. That way you know exactly what condition your commercial roof is in — good or bad — so that we can provide you a solution and a price quote.

Reach out to the newest Nashville commercial roofers to schedule your FREE inspection — and to claim your rebate when you schedule!


About J. Smucker Contracting

nashville commercial roofers

When it comes to commercial roofing companies, J. Smucker contracting is fairly unique. We blend the classic hard work of the Amish community with the cutting-edge technology of Conklin roof restoration. In fact, we’re one of only two roofers nationwide to earn the highest honor as a Conklin Diamond Preferred Contractor.

Learn more about the award and how it helps our clients save.

No matter what type of roof is on your building, chances are good that our experts have worked with it before. We handle the following types of roofing materials:

  • EPDM Roofs
  • TPO Roofs
  • PVC Roofs
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofs
  • R-Panel Metal Roofs
  • Modified Bitumen Roofs

If you don’t know what type of roof is on your building, we’ll be able to help you figure that out as well during our FREE roof inspection.

Learn more about different commercial roofing lifespans.

Request Your FREE Inspection from the Nashville Commercial Roofers

If you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to take care of that crucial roof work, the time is now! The cutting-edge commercial roofing contractors in Nashville have you covered. Not only will you save approximately 50% compared to the price of replacing your roof — you’ll also claim a $1,000 cash rebate until the end of 2019!

The first step is a conversation and a FREE roof inspection from one of the J. Smucker Contracting Nashville commercial roofers. Contact us today to get started!

Commercial Roof Leaks: Temporary Fixes and Waterproofing Solutions

commercial roof with leak

When your roof starts leaking, are you the type of business owner who pretends you didn’t see it — or are you the type to put your boots on and grab your ladder? Ignoring a commercial roof leak is a surefire way to make it worse. So, whether you want to get hands-on with your roof or not, we have the scoop on what you need to do to stop roof leaks.

At J. Smucker Contracting, we have years of experience providing a whole range of commercial roofing solutions, including roof waterproofing solutions. We can give you the info on how to stop roof leaks temporarily — and the answers to solve the problem permanently.

How to Stop Roof Leaks in Heavy Rain

how to stop roof leaks

With a leaky roof, when the rain starts pouring outside, you see the dripping inside. Chances are you know just about where it’s going to fall — and you even have a designated bucket or two. While those buckets on the ground protect your floor, the roof insulation and the roof decking are being destroyed. So even if you only see your roof leak during heavy rain, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a factor at other times as well.

Learn more about the most important signs of flat roof leaks.

Stopping Roof Leaks During a Rainstorm

The main way that you as a business owner or maintenance manager can stop a leak during a rainstorm is by locating the leak on the surface of your roof and applying a temporary patch. Made with an asphalt base and roof sealant, these temporary patches are available at most hardware stores.

To apply the patch, first you’ll want to locate the approximate area on the roof where the leak is coming through from the inside. Then you’ll want to safely climb on top of your roof and locate the approximate spot you found inside. From there, you’ll walk uphill on the roof looking for possible leak spots, including pipes, seams, flashings, and general punctures. Once you locate the leaky area, apply the asphalt patch while it is still raining. This should slow the leak for that particular rainstorm and for a few additional days.

Remember, only do this if you feel comfortable walking and working on your roof safely. Whether you were able to temporarily stem the tide, you’ll want to contact a roofing company to provide you information on the damage as well as a long-term roof waterproofing solution.

Learn more about the 5 most common roof repair repairs.

Long Term Damage from Roof Leaks

The damage caused by a persistent roof leak has a far greater impact than you’d think. The frequent water infiltration damages the roof surface and more. This problem only gets worse — and more expensive — the longer it’s allowed to continue.

You’ll know when the roof surface has become damaged by water when it feels soft to walk on, almost like carpet. When the roof feels soft or you see sagging when you walk on it, these are signs that a replacement is needed.

The roofing insulation between the ceiling and the roof itself often takes damage from regular roof leaks as well. Water becomes trapped in the layer of insulation and is slow to evaporate, causing widespread mold growth.

Finally, the metal or wooden decking that supports the roof can also be undermined by frequent water leaks. If your building has open decking, you can actually inspect it directly on a ladder. Wooden roof decking begins to rot and grow mold after long term water leaks, while metal roof decking tends to rust.

The more extensive the damage is, the more expensive it will be to fix. That’s why we always recommend preventative maintenance — and not waiting around for commercial roof leak repair. While all three of these signs suggest that a full roof replacement is necessary, many roofs are eligible for the signature roof restoration and waterproofing solutions from J. Smucker Contracting.

See the average costs for flat roof replacement.

Roof Waterproofing Solutions from J. Smucker Contracting

roof waterproofing solutions

At J. Smucker Contracting, we provide a wide range of solutions to solve commercial roof leaks. One of our effective short term solutions involves finding the surface leaks and sealing them with patches. This is only an option if you catch the leaks early enough, but it can prevent leaks for about a year. Generally, this is a good choice for roofs with only 1 or 2 small leaks.

If your roof has more widespread issues, and closer to 5 or 10 leaks, we recommend full roof restoration, our premier roof waterproofing solution. As part of this process, we coat and reinforce the roof to fix ALL current leaks and prevent them from coming back for years. This signature solution adds a guaranteed 18 years onto your current roof — without replacing it.

Whether you need a simple roof leak repair or you want to learn more about our roof restoration and waterproofing, the first step is to give us a call. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your FREE roof inspection.

TPO Roofing vs. EPDM Roofing

The roof you put on your business makes a difference. A quality flat roof doesn’t leak, can reduce your energy bills, and lasts a LONG time before needing major work. When you need a new roof, you want to choose correctly — that’s why we’re breaking down the two most common flat roofs: TPO roofing vs. EPDM.

TPO and EPDM flat roofs are common choices for businesses, and that’s no accident. Both materials of these membrane roofing systems can provide more than a decade of strong performance at a fair price point, so at J. Smucker Contracting, we install both. Since we have experience with both TPO roofing and EPDM roofing, we’ll break down the benefits of each!

Membrane Roofing Systems Compared

membrane roofing systems

Both TPO roofing and EPDM are flat membrane roofing systems that see use on various commercial buildings of different sizes. Once again, both of these options are good, modern solutions, and we install, restore, and repair both.

Learn more about the most common flat roof materials.

When comparing TPO roofing vs. EPDM roofing, you need to decide which is right for your building and business. We break these two roof types down for you.

TPO Roofing

tpo roofing system

TPO roofing is a single membrane roofing system that is quick and fairly inexpensive to apply, yet provides a series of crucial benefits. Here’s what to know about TPO roofing systems:


  • Reflective white color — This white coating is designed to reflect the rays of the sun, keeping your building cooler and cutting your energy costs. Learn more about adding solar to your roof.
  • TPO is less susceptible to leaks — Since TPO roofs don’t have big seams like EPDM roofs, this makes them less vulnerable to water leaks as they age.
  • TPO can be slightly cheaper than EPDM — Comparing standard TPO roofing vs. EPDM roofing, the price is fairly comparable. However, in some cases, TPO can be slightly less expensive.


  • TPO becomes brittle and cracks — The major criticism of TPO roofs is that as they age, they become less flexible and can actually crack open. This is the main factor that limits their lifespan.

EPDM Roofing

epdm roofing system

EPDM roofing is a rubber roofing material that is rolled onto the roof in large sheets. This single-ply roof membrane has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here’s what to keep in mind:


  • EPDM roofing has a longer lifespan than TPO — While the pricing between the two membrane roofing systems is comparable, EPDM roofs generally have a longer lifespan.
  • EPDM roofs are easy to repair and restore — One of the most common roof types on the market, EPDM roofs are a natural fit for our highly-effective Conklin roof replacement systems.


  • EPDM is more susceptible to leaks — The seams between rolls of EPDM rubber are some of the most common places to see moisture leakage. This is one of the main weaknesses of this roof type.
  • Doesn’t help with energy efficiency — EPDM roofs are black which means they do nothing to reflect the sun. Therefore, they do not save you money on your energy bills.

Both of these flat membrane roofing systems can provide you reliable performance at a fair price. If you still want help distinguishing between them, contact us for a consultation.

Introducing: Conklin OUTPOST TPO

Beginning July 1st 2019, select Conklin Roofing partners will begin offering the next generation of TPO roofing. J. Smucker is one of the preferred partners who will begin making the Conklin OUTPOST TPO system available immediately.

OUTPOST is the first TPO roof Conklin has offered — and this cutting-edge roofing system is designed to maximize the practical benefits of traditional TPO while minimizing the downsides. We’re excited to be one of the first companies nationwide to bring this solution to business owners! Call us today to bring this innovative system to your building.

Free TPO Roofing & EPDM Roofing Quotes

Whether you know the membrane roof system you need or you’re still deciding between TPO roofing vs. EPDM, J. Smucker Contracting is the team to trust. We have years of experience helping business owners and facility managers match the right roof to their building and budget.

In addition, we make FREE commercial roof inspections available to help you know what your roof really needs. Contact us to request a roof inspection — or to get a free quote on the BRAND NEW Conklin TPO roof!

What Does a Flat Roof Replacement Cost?

flat roof replacement estimate

Tearing off and installing a new flat roof is an expense big enough that most businesses plan a whole year ahead for it. However, sometimes nature or coincidence steps in and your roof needs to be replaced ASAP. Whether you’re planning a whole year ahead or you’re facing an emergency job, you’re probably wondering, “What does a flat roof replacement cost?”

You’re in the right place. J. Smucker Contracting is an exclusively commercial roofing company that repairs, replaces, and restores a wide variety of flat roofs. We can give you an educated guess for what your flat roof replacement cost will be — and we will also provide FREE in-person estimates.

Ballpark Flat Roof Replacement Estimates

ballasted roof system replacement cost

Without seeing your roof, the material, the condition of it, or any extenuating factors, we can only give you a ballpark figure for your flat roof replacement estimate.

Here are some of the most common situations that we quote — and flat roof replacement costs for each:

  1. 10,000 Sq. Ft. Single-Ply Roof — Insulation does not need replaced: Approximately $50,000

    This is a good baseline price as far as flat roof estimates are concerned. The 10,000 square foot size is fairly standard, which makes it an ideal size to estimate. In addition, since the insulation is in decent condition, our roofers do not need to tear it away and replace it. For this kind of replacement, our roofers will tear off the old roof, install a recovery board over the installation, replace all edging, and install the new single-ply roof system.
  2. 10,000 Sq. Ft. Single-Ply Roof — Insulation needs replaced: Approximately $70,000

    If the roof has been allowed to leak for an extended period of time, the insulation will be rotted and will require replacement. This additional labor and material adds approximately an extra $20,000 onto the price of the project. See the 5 flat roof leak signs you can find on your own.
  3. 10,000 Sq. Ft. Hot Tar Roof: Approximately $100,000

    Tearing off this older style flat roof is a labor-intensive process. As a result, the price to replace it with a modern single-ply roof reflects the added time, making the flat roof replacement cost higher.
  4. 10,000 Sq. Ft. Ballasted Roof System: Approximately $55,000

    Using stones to hold down rubber and insulation, ballasted roofs are a less common style that requires additional labor to tear off. As a result, the cost to remove and replace these roofs is higher. Replacing these older styles with modern single-ply roofs provides a wide variety of advantages.
  5. Complicated/Multi-Level 10,000 Sq. Ft. Single-Ply Roof — Insulation does not need replaced: Approximately $80,000

    This is one of the hardest flat roof replacement estimates to give because complicated or multi-level roofs will vary so much. These complex roofs are ones that feature extensive HVAC systems to work around, unusual shapes, or multiple levels. Like with any of these roof types, it is best to schedule a free in-person consultation to receive an estimate for your specific roof.

Roof Restoration Advantages

spf commercial roof coating

Any work on your commercial roof will be somewhat expensive, however, a full tear-off and replacement is the most expensive procedure. That’s why we offer full commercial roof restoration as an alternative. A less expensive, yet fully-warranted solution, restoration is another option that solves all problems with leaking, cracking, and other damage.

Our Conklin roof restoration system is backed by an up-to non-prorated 18-year warranty and essentially makes your roof better than when it was new. Generally, our roof restoration costs about LESS than half as much as what a full replacement would cost.

Learn more about our Conklin roof coating solution.

The only issue with this solution is that if the roof has been allowed to leak and take damage for too long, its condition may be too poor to take advantage of roof restoration. That’s why we always encourage keeping an eye on your roof’s condition with repairs and preventative maintenance.

Get Your Flat Roof Replacement Cost with a Free Estimate

Whether you’re intrigued to learn more about roof restoration or you need a full tear-off, the next step is to find out what your specific flat roof replacement will cost.

The only way to do that is a consultation from a roofing expert. Contact J. Smucker Contracting to schedule your official flat roof replacement estimate.

Most Common Types of Metal Roofs

types of metal roof restoration

You don’t care if your roof looks pretty, you just want it to do its job — we get it. A metal roof is a popular choice for businesses because if it’s installed correctly, it can offer a long lifespan, few problems, and minimal repairs. However, there are multiple types of metal roofing solutions on the market today — each with different advantages and weaknesses.

Whether you’re trying to figure out what type of metal roof your facility has, what maintenance it needs, or if you’re deciding on the right style to get a quote for, J. Smucker Contracting can help. We have decades of experience repairing and installing all of the most common types of metal roofs — start the conversation today!

Your Metal Roof Options: R-Panel vs Standing Seam Roofs

types of metal roof options

To most business owners and facility managers, all metal roofs are basically the same. Generally we see well-maintained metal roofs outlast their rubber roof counterparts, but metal roofs also typically come in at a higher cost to install in the first place.

Learn more about common flat roof materials.

The 2 most common types of metal roofs are r-panel roofs and standing seam roofs — here’s what most often goes wrong with each and how we fix each type of metal roof.

  1. R-Panel Metal RoofThis type of metal roof is built with 36-inch-wide interconnected metal panels. These metal roof types feature overlapping seams which limit water infiltration, but the exposed fasteners can be a point of weakness. While the metal panels themselves last about 30 years, we often see the screws and seams begin leaking at the 15-year mark. The Achilles heel of an r-panel metal roof, however, is rust and corrosion destroying the exposed fasteners. This damage allows water infiltration across the entire system.To restore the lifespan of r-panel roofs, we apply a special roof restoration system that strengthens all of the weakest areas. This includes caulking all fasteners, coating any areas of rust, and painting the roof white to make the roof reflective, and thus energy-efficient. This metal roofing solution adds a warranted 18 years onto the roof lifespan.
  2. Standing Seam RoofIn contrast to an r-panel, the seams between panels on a standing seam model are located at the highest point of the roof. This design feature limits the water infiltration that can destroy other commercial options, both metal and otherwise. The standard metal roof type for very large projects, standing seam roofs are very well regarded in the commercial roofing industry.While this roof generally has a long lifespan, there are several weaknesses that can allow water infiltration to undermine that. One of the weaknesses of this metal roof style is that it is built of uncoated metal panels. Over years being exposed to the elements, the metal panels that make up the roof can begin to rust and pit, a process which is exacerbated by acid rain. One downside of this type of metal roof is that it is the most time-consuming — and thus most expensive — to tear off and replace. Learn more about roof replacement costs.

Due to the expense of replacing standing seam and other roof types, we generally find that restoration is the preferable option for most decision makers. Our metal roof solution for a standing seam system involves washing the entire roof, caulking all seams and fasteners, and finally adding a coating to the galvanized metal. The white coating addresses the biggest weakness of the roof as well as makes it reflective and energy-efficient. Our solution adds 10 to 20 years onto the lifespan of the standing seam roof.

Solutions for the Most Common Metal Roof Types

commercial metal roof coating

Protecting your metal roof prevents one of the largest capital expenses most businesses have to make — tearing off and replacing their building’s roof. Our roof restoration solutions actually make your roof stronger and better able to handle the elements than when it was new. That’s why metal roof solutions that extend the life of the roof are becoming the preferred answer for both r-panel and standing seam systems.

Learn more about the advantages of roof restoration.

Whether you know which type of metal roof your building has, or you’re not certain, J. Smucker Contracting can help. We perform repairs, restoration, and replacements on all different styles of flat roofs. Start the conversation today to learn more about our services or to schedule the preventative maintenance you need.

Why to Schedule Roof Work before 2018 Ends

If you know your commercial roof needs work, the smartest time for you to schedule it is right now! By paying for roof repair or roof restoration from J. Smucker Contracting before December 31, 2018, you save money in 2 crucial ways:

  1. You’ll likely be able to write the expense off on your 2018 taxes.
  2. You’ll buy ahead of an industry-wide commercial roofing material price increase beginning in 2019.

Get the details on how exactly you’ll save money — and schedule your roof restoration or roof repair today.

Writing Off Roof Repair on Your Taxes

modified bitumen roof repair

Good news: the roof repairs and restorations that are a specialty of J. Smucker Contracting are often able to be written off as a business expense on your yearly taxes. While you should always consult with your tax accountant, the majority of our customers are able to count roof maintenance and roof refreshes as a yearly business expense, not a capital expenditure. However, a brand new roof is considered a capital expenditure and is depreciated over several years, not deducted all at once.

If you’ve had a good year revenue-wise in 2018, it absolutely makes sense to have your roofing needs addressed BEFORE the end of the year. While it is too late in the season to apply any coatings, we can replace or repair roofs year around. You’ll need to have the service done eventually to prolong your roof’s lifespan, but if you do it in 2018, your ultimate out-of-pocket expenses will be less — thanks to the tax deduction.

In addition, smaller scale roof repairs are also an immediate expenditure and are able to be counted as a tax write-off in 2018.

Learn about the 5 most common roofing repairs.

Avoiding the Roofing Material Price Increase

fabric reinforcement on commercial roof

If you have a quote — or get a quote in 2018 — from J. Smucker Contracting, that’ll be the best price you can hope to get. And it expires at the end of the year.

In 2019, across the industry, most roofing companies and suppliers will be raising their prices between 5% to 8% to deal with rising material costs.

In addition to the tax incentives, if you sign now, you get your roof work at 2018 prices, not 2019 prices. While J. Smucker Contracting will ALWAYS be competitively priced, this is your chance for our best price. Schedule now to save 5% to 8% — which can be a significant amount on a large-scale repair or restoration job.

Schedule Now or Get Your Free Commercial Roofing Quote

low slope roofing restoration

Whether your business had a strong year and could use all of the deductions possible, or you have some high dollar work pending, now is the time to have the roof work you’ve been needing all taken care of. Call us to let us know if you are ready to accept your quote and move ahead with your work.

However, if you know you need work and don’t have a quote yet, contact us immediately to schedule your inspection and estimate. You may still be able to enjoy the tax benefits and savings in 2018. Finally, if you have any questions, contact us for a conversation about your roof or why this is the best time to save on the roof work you need.

4 Main Causes of Winter Roof Leaks

Just like frost on your windows and road salt caking the underside of your car, winter roof leaks are a frustrating part of the colder months. However, unlike those other nuisances, commercial flat roof leaks over the winter can cause serious damage to your roof structure and your building altogether.

In some cases, winter conditions can cause your roof to leak ONLY in the winter but stay dry every other season. These winter roof leaks have just as much potential to cause large scale property damage to your business.

J. Smucker Contracting is your flat roof specialist — we’re here to provide flat roof repair and roof restorations in winter as well as provide you with the knowledge to identify and stop flat roof leaks during the cold months.

Why Your Flat Roof Leaks in the Winter

roof in need of patching

Your commercial roof stands up to heavy spring rains and summer storms while staying water tight. When the weather turns cold and the snow starts falling, that’s a different story. Winter weather creates a whole new set of environmental obstacles that can damage your roof.

Here are the 4 most common causes of winter roof leaks:

  1. Ice Dams — One of the most common causes of winter roof leaks, “ice dam” is the term for a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof. Like any other type of dam, it blocks the natural flow of water — in this case, trapping the melted snow water on your roof. When an ice dam traps water on your roof, the water will find any small pinhole or seam voids and enter the building.
  2. Bad Seams — During any season, the seams on your roof are some of the most susceptible areas for water infiltration. If the seams between panels or between rolls of membrane are already faulty, winter will make them leak. You’ll especially see the bad seams on a roof leaking when the temperatures rise in the days following a heavy snowfall. This causes the snow to rapidly melt, which funnels the runoff into the faulty seams, causing serious winter roof leaks.
  3. Cracking in Roof Membrane — The membrane of your flat roof works hard year-round to keep the building watertight. However, winter can prove to be a difficult season for the membrane to survive. The consistent freezing and thawing cycle of winter puts stress on the membrane itself, causing cracking in older roofs and eventually leaks.
  4. Susceptible Flashings — An unexpected cause of winter roof leaks, flashings that are secure to rain can be susceptible to infiltration from blowing snow. Since drifting or blowing snow can move laterally, it can enter the flashing and then melt. This is often the culprit for fairly new and well-built roofs that leak only over the winter.

Learn more about the year-round leak signs you can find on your own.

Flat Roof Repair in Winter

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Since winter is one of the most likely seasons to stress your roof, you need good options for flat roof repair during the winter. J. Smucker Contracting has your back. While some of our signature roof sealing solutions are not available in colder temperatures, you absolutely can — and should — repair winter roof leaks as soon as you discover them.

In order to do any major work, you’ll need to wait for the snow to melt. Once it does, you can leverage one or more of these flat roof repair solutions.

  1. Rubber Patches — If a few isolated sections of your commercial roof are responsible for all of your winter roof leaks, rubber patches are some of your best solutions. These temporary patches prevent water infiltration through a weak spot in the surface of your roof.
  2. Cold Weather Sealant on Seams — If a roofing expert identifies that your seams are letting water in your roof, we can apply our special cold weather sealant. Specifically designed to bond in cold weather, this sealant should keep your seams dry for the rest of the winter.
  3. Drainage Inspection and Clearance — If debris or poor drainage are causing ice dams, the number one thing to do is rectify the drainage issues to keep your drains free of debris. This will allow the water to flow more easily off the roof to prevent ice dams from ever forming. This a common single day roof repair we offer.
  4. Full Roof Replacement — This isn’t the first choice, but if your roof has sustained too much damage from winter roof leaks, this might be the only option. We are able to perform a full roof tear-off and replacement during the winter.

J. Smucker Contracting to Solve Winter Roof Leaks

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Whether you know you have a winter roof leak or you’re starting to discover the signs, we can help you identify and fix the problem. While some commercial roofers shy away from flat roof repair in winter, we don’t.

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How Long Does Roof Restoration and Roof Replacement Take?

The old adage says: time is money. Nowhere is that more accurate than if you’re a business owner or a facility manager. So when your commercial roof needs work you want the best solution, and you want it to be fast. Roof coating has some advantages compared to roof replacement — and vice versa — but which is quicker and easier for your business?

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Check out our latest blog to learn how long roof coating and roof replacement takes and find the roofing solution that’s best for you.

How Long Does Roof Replacement Take vs. Roof Restoration?

On average, roof restoration is two to three times faster than roof replacement.

Roof restoration is the process of fixing damage on a roof while installing a coating to extend its lifespan — essentially, roof restoration gives you the advantages of a new roof at a fraction of the price. On the other hand, roof replacement is the process of building a completely new roof after tearing off the old one. However, sometimes roof replacement is the only solution for a roof that’s extremely old, has been water damaged, or has suffered from poor maintenance.

Figuring out how long roof replacement takes is a matter of the size of the roof in question as well as several other factors. On average, we say that we can tear off and reinstall 4,000 square feet of commercial roof per day.

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Some factors that can make commercial roof replacement take more or less time:

  • Type of roofing — Single-layer EPDM or TPO roofs are quicker, while bitumen roofs take much longer. Learn more about which roof type has the best lifespan.
  • HVAC units and other equipment — Having your HVAC units on the roof could slow the replacement process down since roofing crews have to work carefully around them.
  • Complicated flashing and drainage — The more complicated your flashing and drainage systems are, the longer it will take to replace the roof.

Why Does Roof Replacement Take Longer?

Roof replacement takes longer because, essentially, it is two jobs rather than one. Our crews need to both run demolition on your old roof AND build your brand-new roof.

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Here are the 3 main reasons roof replacement takes longer:

  1. More labor is required — The process of demolishing a roof is more involved than applying any of the different stages of our roof restoration system.
  2. Temporary waterproofing — Even though we are removing the roof, we can’t leave your building without protection from the elements, so we install temporary waterproofing each day. For every day we perform a roof replacement, our crews spend 2 hours adding or removing temporary waterproofing.
  3. Larger equipment is required — The final reason that roof replacement requires a larger time investment is that complicated heavy machinery and large lifts are required for a tear-off and rebuild. Working with the ground level machinery takes a lot of time, but for restoration, we can pump or bring everything we need onto the roof with us. Not only is roof restoration approximately two or three times quicker than roof replacement it also directly saves money. Depending on your roof, our roof restoration system costs only half as much as a replacement.

How Secure is Roof Restoration?

Roof restoration is the time-efficient and cost-effective alternative to full roof replacement. However, some business owners want to know if roof restoration is too good to be true. Fair question.

secure roof restoration

Simply put, our roof restoration takes a commercial roof in poor condition and makes it better than when it was new. Our system specifically reinforces areas that frequently leak — and the reflective top-coating makes the restored roof more energy efficient.

So how much do we trust our roof coating? We offer up to a 30-year no-hassle warranty on our work.

Commercial Roof Restoration and Replacement Contractors

Whether you can take advantage of the benefits of roof restoration or you are scheduling a full roof replacement, you need to have a trustworthy commercial roofing expert do the work.

J. Smucker Contracting is known for providing a wide range of solutions for commercial roofing systems and a superior level of customer service.

If you think you need a roof replacement or restoration, contact us for a complimentary roofing inspection. Start the conversation today.