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Do I Need a New Flat Roof?

A new flat roof is a costly — but often very necessary — financial hit for a business to take. However, if the roof on your building, a building you own, or a property you manage leaks heavily enough, you need to do something. In today’s blog we’re breaking down the main reasons you may need a new commercial roof — as well as the main alternative to roof replacement that costs about 50% as much.

At J. Smucker Contracting, we’re a commercial roofing company with more than a decade of experience doing everything from small repairs to full roof replacements. Keep reading to learn about how to tell if you need a new flat roof — or reach out right now to request a free roof inspection and estimate!

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Why You May Need a New Commercial Roof

business needing a new commercial roof

Generally, the main reasons you’ll need a new commercial roof is that it leaks heavily enough to disrupt work in your facility or to cause damage throughout the rest of the building. The rule of thumb is that if you see water leaking through your roof (and you get some buckets to collect it), there is a lot of water leakage that you aren’t seeing. That water does serious damage to your building in multiple ways.

Get an idea of what roof replacement costs.

The first sign of a roof leak wreaking havoc is water spots on your ceiling. Unless a pipe burst, this is most often caused by roof leakage. The second most common reason you may need a new commercial roof is if the walls of the building inexplicably start to bubble. This is a sign that a leak has gone on for a long time and may have caused the sub roof to rot. The final thing to look for is mold or rot growing in the attic of your building under the roof.

Even if your roof is in very poor condition and leaks heavily, if you catch it quickly enough, you will very likely be able to restore it rather than replace it with a brand-new flat roof. This roof restoration system is our signature solution at J. Smucker — and if you’re considering roof replacement, it’s an alternative you need to look into!

The Roof Replacement Alternative

flat roof restoration for business

Roof replacement is a complete solution that fully restores even the most badly damaged roofs, making them better than when they were new. This solution works by reinforcing the weakest sections of the roof and covering the entire surface in an ultra water-resistant roof coating. It stops every single leak… guaranteed.

Since it is not as labor intensive as tearing off an old roof and building a new one, our system costs approximately 50% less than replacement — this is the main selling point. So, how confident are we in the reliability of this system? At J. Smucker Contracting, we back our roof restoration with up to an 18-year non-prorated warranty — better than what you’d get with a newly built flat roof!

These are the main advantages of our signature solution:

  1. Costs 50% less compared to replacement
  2. Quicker & quieter than a roof tear-off
  3. 18-year non-prorated warranty
  4. White surface provides year round energy savings

This roof restoration solution works on all of the main commercial roofing types, including EPDM, TPO, PVC and metal roofing as well. While effectiveness stays the same across the different materials, we will tailor it slightly to specifics of each individual roof material.

Learn more about our signature roof restoration solution.

New Flat Roof & Roof Restoration Quotes

So, if you think you need a new flat roof, we absolutely recommend you bring our experts out for a free roof inspection before you sign anything. Depending on how bad the leaks are and how soon you have caught them, you may be a perfect candidate for our restoration solution.

We encourage you to schedule a roof inspection and get a quote for a new or restored commercial roof. Reach out today for more information on our systems — and schedule your free inspection!

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