Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen

Protecting The Traditional Roof

J. Smucker Roofing is proud to provide waterproofing and replacement services for modified bitumen roofing in Wilmington, DE. These traditional roofs are made of asphalt and have a longstanding history of success with flat roofs. However, the bitumen roof material can absorb heat and fall victim to time and wear. Adding waterproofing to your roof will provide added insulation and protection which will elongate their lifespan and drive down your energy costs. Give our squad a call today at 717-985-7379 to get started on your modified bitumen roof in Wilmington, DE.

Versatile Option

We trust Conklin’s spray polyurethane foam roofing system because it is known for its coverage and efficiency. This foam chemically bonds to your existing roof’s surface, providing seamless, watertight protection, along with excellent insulating properties. The spray-on design makes it easy to install on virtually any surface.

  • Energy Efficient/Cost Efficient: Acting as an insulator and reflector, Conklin’s foam roofing system is designed to reduce heating and cooling costs significantly. In fact, it reflects up to 85% of the sun’s solar energy during the hottest months of the year and provides an additional barrier to heat loss during the coldest winter days. Businesses will enjoy this effect on their energy bills as well as reduced strain on their HVAC system which leads to further savings.
  • Lightweight Durability: This material is light enough to be installed on just about any building and provides structural support without exceeding structural load capacities. The Conklin foam system is also surprisingly strong and can handle occasional foot traffic with ease. Protection is also effective against chemicals, dirt accumulation, fading, and discoloration.
  • Low Life Cycle Costs: The Conklin foam roofing system can last up to 30 years with regular maintenance, cleanings, and inspections. Providing one of the lowest roof life cycle costs in the roofing industry means that not only will companies save money through the price of this material, but they will also save money on maintenance needs.

Full Replacements

Our team knows that sometimes these mod bit roofs can fall victim to wear and tear and require replacements. In the cases where the roof substrate is saturated, we will provide options for a full replacement. Typically, we recommend applying Flexion or a fabric reinforced system over new ISO board stock.

Our team knows that there are many benefits to installing a modified bitumen roof in Wilmington, DE. Although we don’t perform these installations, we offer a protective coating that will strengthen their performance and prolong their lifespan. Whether you are seeking a repair for your damaged roof or a protective coating to enhance it, our team will be glad to help! Give us a call today at 717-985-7379 to get started on your modified bitumen roof in Wilmington, DE.