Single Ply Roof Installation

single ply roof installation

Interested in a Single Ply Roof Installation?

Whether you are engaging in a new construction project or seeking a new roof replacement for your existing property, single ply roofing solutions are immensely popular and ubiquitous. Beyond the fact that they are simple and easy to install, they provide exceptional weather resistance and can exhibit high durability in the face of punctures and wear and tear. Our roofers will be happy to discuss this cost-effective roofing material as it pertains to your property’s needs. With many years of experience performing roof repairs, roof inspections, and roof replacements, you can rely on our hand-picked team of roofers to help you have the very best roof possible. With just a simple phone call to us at 717-985-7379, you can rely on us to deliver a great single ply roof installation in Wilmington, DE.

You Can Depend On Us for Your Single Ply Roof Repair

Repairing a single ply roof is not the simplest procedure. To begin with, each roofing material is slightly different and the adhesives and tools that you will use will differ correspondingly. After a proper roof inspection has taken place, the pathway forward will depend on the extent of the damages found. When a patch is needed for a specific area, the area will need to be thoroughly cleaned and prepped. Both PVC and TPO roofing materials require hot-air welding equipment unlike EPDM, which means that when hot-air welding materials are needed, the patch will need to be melded into place.

EPDM, TPO, PVC and More

We provide many different types of roofing materials for our clients and are well-versed in these different processes. If you are wavering between several different types of roofing materials for your roof replacement, we can help you narrow down your choices. Our roof materials opinions are based upon experience and observational awareness. With this empirical evidence at our disposal, we can answer questions pertaining to durability, longevity, and maintenance. At the end of the day, when our customers are happy, we are happy too. We take great pride in helping our customers with great roofing so that they can breathe easily when troublesome storms arrive at their doorstep.

Other Roofing Solutions for Our Commercial Customers

While single-ply roofing can prove invaluable to commercial roofing, especially for new roofs, our specialty is roof coatings to protect your roof and improve its efficiency and longevity. We can supply coatings for all varieties of roofing, including metal. Coatings are also a viable alternative to roof replacement and can save you money especially if your roof just needs a few minor repairs and is in otherwise good shape. These coatings will also protect your roof from leaks and other common commercial roofing problems like ponding. It’s our job to perform exceptional roofing services for our customers so that they will feel comfortable referring our services to their friends and neighbors.

We’d be more than glad to help you with your single ply roofing in Wilmington, DE. If you want to achieve your roofing goals, please reach out to us at our phone number, 717-985-7379.