TPO Roof Repair & Installation

TPO membrane repair

Innovative Material

J. Smucker Roofing is proud to offer a variety of commercial roofing solutions and services. Thermoplastic Olefin, also known as TPO, is a single-ply thermoplastic membrane. We recommend this product to businesses that are seeking a cost-effective and durable roofing solution.

When the TPO product was originally introduced in the 1980s, its lack of standards caused many performance issues. Since then, the material has gone through years of trial and error which led to a more dependable product. Now, the ASTM standards regarding these products are some of the strictest among single ply materials. We are here for your TPO roof repair & installation in Wilmington, DE, and can be reached with a simple phone call to 717-985-7379 today.

Environmentally Friendly

Made of plastic and rubber materials, TPO roofing is softened when heated and becomes hard when cooled, giving it flexible design abilities. This flexibility allows it to conform to the roof’s movement which in turn helps it prevent punctures. The flush surface created by heat welding produces a durable and strong solution. TPO has the ability to resist exposure to ozone, UV rays, extreme weather conditions, and even select chemicals. Because the material is typically white, it does a better job of reflecting UV rays which makes it more energy efficient in warmer climates. Many companies choose this material because it is made from ethylene propylene rubber and other recyclable materials, and is therefore environmentally friendly. Because of these factors, this material meets the criteria for LEED, ENERGY STAR, and other environmental certifications.

Because we want to provide the highest level of protection and longest-lasting products, we also provide TPO coating which further seals roofs from outside contaminants. These coatings are easily and quickly installed and can create a highly reflective surface that keeps out UV damage and heat from affecting your building. This form of coating is monolithic and seamless, giving you peace of mind that your roof is fully protected. If you would like to hear a consultation regarding PVC or EPDM, we are available to provide it as well.

Experienced Team

You can trust our team to provide honest recommendations on which roofing material will best suit your business. These roofs have flexible design capabilities and the additional coating offered further increases their benefits. Our team has undergone rigorous training and gained experience in a variety of TPO applications including TPO roof repair and installation in Wilmington, DE. If you are ready to learn more about previous TPO projects we have completed or the benefits it could bring to your business specifically, give us a call at 717-985-7379! One of our team members will be happy to work with you for your TPO roof repair & installation in Wilmington, DE.