Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panels on a Commercial Building

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

More and more businesses are discovering the advantages of pairing their commercial solar panel installation in Wilmington, DE with re-roofing or other roof replacement services. Since both of these procedures offer an energy-saving environmental boost, pairing them together can help you save time and a significant amount of money.

Since solar panels for commercial buildings depend heavily on having the foundation of a durable roof, we often partner with a commercial solar panel company to provide roofing expertise on solar projects. At J. Smucker Roofing, we install new roof systems while PowerStream Electric installs commercial solar panels. PowerStream Electric stands out among commercial solar panel companies, and that’s why we partner with them — to better serve you.

Get your quote for roof replacement bundled with commercial solar panel installation in Wilmington, DE— and learn more about the benefits of performing both services together by calling 717-985-7379.

Benefits of Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings

Solar panels are an effective way for business owners to take advantage of their large commercial roofs to generate electricity. Whether this solar power is used to earn additional profit or to defer the electrical costs of the building, it is a smart financial choice. Pairing this green energy solution with roofing work has never been more financially viable. Until the end of 2019, the government is offering a 30% tax credit when companies combine commercial solar panel installation with energy-efficient roof work.  The commercial solar panels and the reflective white roof will double your energy savings since both solutions trim down your energy bills.

When you work with J. Smucker Roofing and PowerStream Electric, you not only qualify for the government tax credit but you also enjoy the convenience of one bill and one project. Our two customer-focused companies make it easy to get the work you want — and to capitalize on the tax credit.

In addition to the savings and the convenience, pairing the two services together makes sense to protect your roof as well. When the 25-year solar panel systems are installed on older roofs, they can make it harder to perform the repairs that older roofs will need. It can be an expensive and challenging process to remove and reinstall the solar panels to fix a roof leak.

That’s why many businesses are choosing to have a new roof system with a 30-year warranty installed at the same time as the commercial solar panel installation in Wilmington, DE.

Standing out among Commercial Solar Panel Companies

PowerStream Electric has a good reputation among Pennsylvania solar panel companies for the same reason that J. Smucker Roofing has a good reputation among commercial roofing companies. We both perform exceptional work in our respective fields — and our company values always put our customers first.

Because our company values align and because having these two services performed together makes sense, we often work together. We are able to service all types of commercial roofs and flat roofing materials.

Combining commercial roofing and solar panel installation makes sense as it doubles your energy savings, earns you a commercial solar energy tax credit, and prevents potentially serious headaches down the road. Reach out to learn more about the wide range of benefits when your roof companies work together.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation Quote

Whether you are still deciding whether you want to move forward with commercial solar panel installation in Wilmington, DE, or if you’re looking for a quote, the first step is to start a conversation with us. You can learn more about the specific energy-saving benefits of solar electricity — as well as the many reasons to have both commercial roofing projects performed at once.

Provide your information below and we will be in touch about your specific roof — and the pricing to have the commercial solar panel installation in Wilmington, DE performed.