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Commercial Roof Coating Systems

Commercial roof coating systems are designed to take a roof that is in good shape and make it even stronger – while making it more energy efficiency. Essentially, these innovative products essentially fabricate a whole new layer on top of your current roof. In addition, these coatings are the cornerstone of our signature roof restoration systems. At J. Smucker Contracting we specialize in utilizing Conklin roof coatings to improve commercial roofs in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Tennessee.

These coatings provide advantages for a wide variety of different roof materials including metal and rubber roofs. Learn more about the flat roof coatings we offer – or reach out today to get pricing on bringing one of these systems to your building.

A Conklin Roof System is innovative, energy-saving, and trustworthy. With more than a half-century in manufacturing and distribution, Conklin has stood the test of time and built a reputation for superior product performance.

Our Conklin Roof Coating Systems

As a Platinum Preferred Conklin Contractor, we have experience using all Conklin roof coating systems. See the solutions that we offer to our clients:

Fabric Reinforced Coating – This roof coating system uses both a fabric covering and a spray on top coat. This coating solution is designed to provide robust leak protection for roof surfaces that are not smooth.

Affinity Polyurethane Roofing — This newly introduced Conklin roof coating is versatile enough to be used on a wide variety of flat roofs and is designed to add durability and energy-efficiency.

Foam and Elastomeric Coating — This lightweight roof coating option comes backed with an unbeatable 18-year non-prorated warranty.

Membrane Coating Systems — This rubber roof coating system restores the waterproof qualities of single ply-roofs, while making them more energy-efficient.

Metal Roof Restoration Systems — Our metal roof coating systems make both common types metal roofs stronger than when they were new, while also improving their energy efficiency.

Multiple types of roof coating by commercial roofers

If you know what type of roof coating system you need, learn more and get your pricing. However, if you’re a little unsure, our team is standing by to help give you the information you need.

Metal and Rubber Roof Coating Advantages

A quality roof is an investment in your business — and flat roof coating is one of your best options to protect that investment. At J. Smucker Contracting, we utilize roof these systems for two purposes: to restore damaged roofs and to improve roofs in good condition.

If a roof is damaged, then we can leverage commercial roof coating systems as a component of our restoration process. Whether used for metal or rubber roofs, our restoration solution fixes ALL surface leaks and leaves the roof better than when it was new. Our restoration comes backed with an industry-best 18-year non-prorated warranty. All of these large-scale restoration systems are custom tailored to the specific challenges affecting our client’s roof.

Learn more about our roof restoration system.

These metal and rubber roof coating systems also work as a form of preventative maintenance to improve a newer roof. Our Conklin coatings reinforce spots of possible weakness on the roof — and also make the surface more resistant to possible puncture damage in future. Finally, all of our coatings are white and reflective which will cut your building’s energy bills.

Get Your Flat Roof Coating Quote

If you’re ready to take the next step towards a flat roof coating for your building, you’re in the right place. One other thing that separates J. Smucker Contracting from other commercial roofing companies is that we always provide free roof inspections to all new potential clients. This allows us to see the condition of your roof, provide you that information — and give you an accurate quote to fix it.

Contact us today to learn more about our Conklin roofing systems and to schedule your free roof inspection!