Fabric Reinforced System

Stop Leaks and Increase Protection of Your Roof with Our Fabric Reinforced System Solutions

Fabric Reinforced Roofing Systems in PA, MD, DE & TN

Advantages of a Fabric Reinforced Roofing System

Are you looking for a roof protection system that combines the benefits of a seamless, leak-proof membrane with the durability and strength of a single-ply system? A fabric reinforced roofing system might be the perfect fit for your needs. A fabric reinforced roofing system replacement is extremely versatile and can be applied to many different types of roofs. As a certified commercial roofing contractor, the J. Smucker team will cover the proper procedure for application of the roofing system to your particular roof substrate.

Designed for a variety of roofing applications, this fabric reinforced system works especially well on substrates that are not smooth. The combination of liquid-applied acrylic membrane, flexible yet durable polyester fabric, and a white reflective topcoat provides superior year-round protection against the elements.

Rugged roofs lower energy costs. Our fabric-reinforced roofing system is tough and flexible, so it is recommended for both new and existing commercial roofs. This extra-durable system uses roofing materials that will deliver many benefits for years to come.

Extends the Useful Life of Your Roof

Fabric reinforced roofing systems are applied over your existing roof to extend its useful life and avoid costly tear-off and disposal costs. J. Smucker Contracting will custom build your fabric reinforced roofing system on-site, without any disruption to your normal business routines.

Energy Savings

Consider a fabric reinforced roofing system replacement for future energy savings. The reflective topcoat repels damaging UV rays that can cause your roof to wear prematurely and raise your energy costs. With a fabric reinforced system in place, your industrial roof will stay cooler, reducing your energy bills, as well as wear and tear on heating and cooling equipment.

Superior Protection

Most commercial roofing systems fail first at the seams and other vulnerable areas, causing moisture gain underneath the roofing surface. The seamless acrylic top-coat effectively seals your roof seams, resulting in better protection over the life of your commercial roof.

Added Durability

Fabric reinforced roofing systems are commonly chosen for their durability. The multi-layered approach to this system also provides superior protection from just about anything Mother Nature can dish out!

Fabric Reinforced Roofing Systems for Your Business

Want to find out if a fabric reinforced roofing system is right for your business? Contact J. Smucker Contracting today. As an authorized dealer and distributor for Conklin Roofing Systems, we provide superior products and expert installation service. We can install a fabric reinforced roofing system without the mess of an entire roof replacement and without the worry over downtime.

Conklin Fabric-Reinforced Roofing System