A Smart Solution

In addition to the superior protection from an SPF and concrete roof from J. Smucker Contracting comes excellent insulation and increased energy efficiency for your building. SPF Systems are a specialized trade, and our applicators are factory trained. This leak proof Conklin product provides a lightweight, seamless, and smooth barrier against the elements to keep your building performing optimally longer.

At one of the lowest roofing life-cycle costs in the industry, you can trust that the polyurethane foam spray systems from Conklin will not set your company back financially. There are many other advantages of an SPF Over Concrete system from J. Smucker Contracting.

SPF Advantages:

  • 18 Year warranty (non-prorated)
  • Buffers noise in building’s interior
  • Complete waterproofing protection
  • Adds structural support without excess weight
  • Protects your building from harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures
  • Superior resistance to chemicals, dirt accumulation, fading and discoloration

Many times, companies with concrete roofs feel their only way to repair their current system is with a complete replacement. A complete roofing replacement for a concrete roof can be expensive and very tedious, but with our SPF Over Concrete roofing process, we can restore your current roof without removing what you currently have or installing anything new.

Insulates And Protects

Conklin’s polyurethane foam chemically bonds to your existing roof’s surface, providing seamless, watertight protection, along with excellent insulating properties. The spray on design makes it easy to install on virtually any surface.

Reduces Energy Costs

Acting as an insulator and reflector, an SPF  foam roofing system is designed to reduce heating and cooling costs significantly. In fact, it reflects up to 85% of the sun’s solar energy during the hottest months of the year and provides an additional barrier to heat loss during the coldest winter days.

To learn more about how the J. Smucker Contracting team can save your building on energy costs and increase your overall efficiency, call us today! We are glad to come check out your current roof and find the best solution for your building.


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