Roof Restoration

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Commercial Roof Restoration for Your Business

Choosing whether your building is in need of commercial roof restoration or a complete replacement can be a crucial decision for your business. Understanding the difference between the two is a pivotal factor in making your final choice. If you’re looking to make your roof look good as new, without making a huge dent in your budget, commercial roof restoration coating is the way to go. The experts here at J. Smucker Contractors have many years of experience under their belts and are eager to get started on your project!

The Difference Your Roof Restoration Will Make

You may be wondering what the difference between commercial roof restoration and a roof replacement even is. Figuring out which one would be best for your commercial building can seem like an overwhelming decision. Fortunately, here at J. Smucker Contracting, we’re able to help you understand which one would be best for your building.

To put it simply, roof restoration is when contractors use special roof restoration coating products in order to restore your business’s roof and make it look brand new. Roof replacement on the other hand, is when roofers tear your entire roof off and start fresh. This can be time-consuming depending on the roof size and damage that has been done to your business’s roof. Roof replacements can also dig deeper into your budget due to the amount of work and time that is required for it to be completed.

Advantages of Roof Restoration Coating

When it comes to roof restoration coating, there are many advantages compared to a complete roof replacement. Commercial roof restoration is 3 times faster than a roof replacement and also extends the lifespan of your roof. Although sometimes a roof replacement is the only option for a damaged roof, it can require much more time and manpower in order to complete the job. For every 2 hours our commercial roofing team works on a roof restoration, an entire day of work is being completed on a roof replacement.

Looking to save money? Roof restoration coating actually saves you money in the future while raising the overall value of your building. We guarantee that your roof will be stronger and more visually appealing than the way it was left. If your business is involved in the food industry or has a lot of foot traffic, a roof restoration might be the ideal choice. Our roof restoration process doesn’t require any tear-off steps which means no dust, debris or odor is left behind. This process is almost silent because it doesn’t involve any annoying shaking or pounding. Falling debris during food preparation and loud banging noises are the last things your customers want to deal with. If you plan on keeping your business open during the construction process, then restoration roofing is something to consider in order to maintain your usual number of customers.roofer applying commercial roof restoration coating

Contact Our Commercial Roof Restoration Experts

Whether you’re in need of a brand-new roof or a commercial roof restoration coating, our experts here at J. Smucker Contracting can accommodate your needs. With years of roofing and restoration experience under our belt, we’re always eager to get started on a new project. Learn more about our roofing services or schedule an inspection by contacting us today!