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Exton, PA is located in West Whiteland Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States. Exton lies at the intersection of U.S. Route 30 and Pennsylvania Route 100. Beginning in the late 18th century, the Lancaster Road became a major transportation route between Philadelphia and the west, while what is now Route 100 was a regional north-south route to Pottstown. A theory exists that Exton was named as the “X” on the map, denoting this intersection, though more likely the village was named after one of the several Extons in the United Kingdom.

Currently, the Exton Square Mall and Main Street at Exton are both located within Exton along with several other shopping centers, making Exton the major shopping district in Chester County. With much traffic to these shopping centers, the J. Smucker Contracting team found that business could not continue to grow without properly equipped buildings. That is why we became the most skilled Exton PA commercial roofing company to cover all the roofing needs for this area.

Exton PA Roof Repair Contractors

Through our many years of experience we’ve learned that the majority of the time there is a roof-related issue to a building, it can be fixed with a quick repair or restoration. Just as many areas in Pennsylvania, the Exton area experiences all weather trends throughout the year such as heavy rain, winds, snow, and extended sunlight. Each of these elements will take a toll on a building’s exterior and roof and will eventually cause enough damage to require commercial roof repairs or replacement.

Learning about your building’s condition is our first step in finding the proper solution for your needs. With our Conklin roofing products, our Exton PA roof repair contractors have never been more equipped! We can extend the life of your current roof, lower your energy costs, and improve the quality of your building.

Commercial Roof Replacement in Exton PA

At times, we find that a roof is too damaged to repair and it will need a complete commercial roof replacement in Exton PA. We understand replacement is not the best news for a company to hear as it generally requires more upfront costs than a repair or restoration. With our highly skilled and professional technicians, J. Smucker guarantees your team’s satisfaction upon installation of a new Conklin roof to your building. We take pride in doing all the small things to ensure each job is done properly and will provide the most optimal results in the long-run.

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