Franklin Fibre

Spray Foam Roof Installed in Wilmington, DE

  • Location – Wilimington, DE
  • Roof Size – 50,000 square feet
  • Roof System Installed – Spray Foam Roof (SPF) with Conklin’s Benchmark base-coat and Puma XL
  • Warranty – 18 years
  • Roof Details
    • Existing roof deck – metal corrugated decking
    • Original roof – tar and gravel roof
    • Second roof- EPDM rubber
  • Unique Challenges
    • Active manufacturing facility where a complete tear off of both layers would have forced them to shut down production
    • Owner did not want mechanical fasteners coming through the metal decking
    • Poor drainage in several areas
  • Solution
    • With the SPF system, a full tear off was not required
    • We removed the rubber membrane, cleaned the original roof and installed the SPF system directly to the old roof
    • Added internal drains to prevent ponding water
    • Manufacturing was not disrupted
  • Benefits
    • Building is leak-free
    • Increased R-Value significantly
    • Puma XL white top coat decreases the roof temps in summer, lower cooling costs
    • 18 year non pro-rated warranty