W. L. Scott

Fabric Reinforced Roofing System Installed in Exton, PA

  • Location – Exton, PA
  • Roof Size – 14,000 square feet
  • Roof System Installed – Fabric Reinforced Roofing System
  • Warranty – 18 years
  • Roof Details
    • Existing roof – EPDM Rubber Roof
  • Unique Challenges
    • Active facility, complete tear-off would have forced them to shut down production
    • Multi-Tenant building, main tenant is a live Christian Radio Broadcast studio, tear off
      would have forced them to shut down
    • Multiple leaks
    • Rubber was at the end of it’s life
  • Solution
    • We pressure washed the entire roof, applied Conkin Tackcoat primer
    • Applied Conklin Benchmark basecoat and fabric over the entire roof
    • Applied Puma XL topcoat over the entire roof
  • Benefits
    • Building is leak-free
    • Operations not paused at all
    • Spray foam added R value – 8
    • Puma XL white top coat decreases the roof temps in summer, lower cooling costs
    • The building has a totally seamless brand liquid applied roofing system that will last for
    • 18-year non-pro-rated warranty