Roof Replacement vs. Restoration: Do I Need to Close My Business?

commercial roof restoration

As a business owner or a facility manager, you need to make the difficult decisions that impact how the rest of the operation runs. When it comes to scheduling crucial roof work, you need to secure the best roofing solution — and ensure it doesn’t disrupt your business’ operation.

At J. Smucker Contracting, we’re your commercial resource. Not only can we perform all of the roofing services you need, we can also help you understand what’s best for your business. Read our blog to understand whether you will need to close your business during roof replacement or restoration — and why.

Do I Need to Close My Business During Roof Replacement?

Whether or not your business can stay open during roof replacement depends on several factors, including the condition of your roof and the nature of your business.

Learn about the variety of industries for whom we’ve performed commercial roofing work.

Since even a losing few days of operations can be detrimental, we’ll do everything we can to ensure that your business can stay open in some capacity during full roof replacement. Generally, most businesses can remain open during roof replacement from J. Smucker Contracting.

While most companies can continue operations, here are some reasons your business may need to close or limit operations:

  1. You work in the food industry — Since roof replacement can result in some dust and debris falling from the roof, preparing food during replacement isn’t really possible. Whether you own a restaurant or a food packaging plant, you’ll likely need to shut down or take precautions.
  2. High temperatures are a problem — In most commercial buildings, the HVAC units are located on the roof, and during roof replacement, they need to be shut off. Over the summer, this can make the inside of your building very hot, which can limit operations.
  3. Disruption will be an issue — Completely tearing off and rebuilding a roof is a fairly labor-intensive process – and that can result in loud noise and shaking coming from the roof. The level of noise and distraction can be a problem for some office buildings, such as call centers. Some retail stores also want to close down during roof replacement to ensure that potential customers don’t have a negative experience.
  4. Roof decking also requires replacement — For the majority of roof replacement jobs, we only need to tear-off and replace the damaged roof. In some cases when the metal roof decking is also damaged, we need to repair that on the inside of the building. This in-depth repair often requires shutting down operations in the area. Learn more about our roof replacement services.

Do I Need to Close My Business During Roof Restoration?

While some businesses may need to close during a full tear-off and replacement, businesses can almost ALWAYS stay open during roof restoration from J. Smucker Contracting. When we apply our warranty-backed roofing solution, most clients can’t even tell we’re there.

Here’s why your business can stay open during roof restoration:

  1. No dust and debris — Roof restoration doesn’t require the tear-off step, so it doesn’t generate the dust, dirt, and debris that replacement does. This is why restoration is such a popular choice for restaurants and the food industry as a whole.
  2. Minimal odor — Since our roof coating is environmentally-friendly, it doesn’t produce much of an odor, which could be a relief to the people in the building.
  3. The air conditioning stays on — Since we aren’t demolishing the current roof, we can essentially leave the HVAC units alone. This means that no matter how hot it is outside, you’ll stay cool. Learn why summer is the best time for roof restoration.
  4. Minimal noise — Unlike the pounding and shaking you’ll hear from roof replacement, restoration is essentially silent. Like we said, most clients don’t even know we’re there. This noise factor makes restoration a prime choice for office buildings and retirement homes. Learn more about the benefits of our roof restoration system.

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At J. Smucker, we perform a wide range of commercial roofing services for many different types of companies in various industries. Not only do we perform the expert work, we can help you understand all of your roofing options — and help you pick the best solution.

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