Solving Flat Roof Problems for Businesses

While a well-installed roof can last for decades, small flat roof problems can threaten to undermine their performance. That’s why we at J. Smucker Contracting created a dedicated service department to provide same day fixes to all of the most common flat roof defects. Our repair team was founded to offer convenience and complete repairs to new and previous clients alike. This is what sets our service department apart: we provide same day quotes, complete repairs, and same day invoices. That means you can find a problem and have it fixed and paid for before the end of the day.


Keep reading to learn more about the most common flat roof problems — and to learn about our roof maintenance service agreements.

5 Most Common Flat Roof Defects

flat roof defects

What starts out as a fairly small problem can become a much larger issue if left unchecked. While our repair team can handle just about anything, here are some common issues that our repair program was designed to handle. Learn the most common flat roof defects and issues that we’re equipped to repair, and why repairing your roof in a timely manner matters:

  1. Puncture in Rubber Membrane — On a TPO, PVC, or EPDM roof, the water-resistant membrane is the surface of the roof that prevents water infiltration. A small cut, rip, or puncture in this membrane can lead to water leaks that increase in size the longer they are left alone.
  2. Loose Screw — On a metal roof, the screws that hold the metal panels in place are one of the few areas on this type of roof that can leak. If the screws pop out or come lose during the natural expansion and contraction of the roof, it can cause water leakage.
  3. Bad Seam — The seams between rolls of material on an uncoated membrane roof are another possible area of water leakage. This is one of the most common flat roof defects that we see, and our teams have ample experience fixing them. Learn more about the advantages of roof coating.
  4. Clogged Drain — Since leaving standing water on a roof is a recipe for disaster, commercial roofs come with a sophisticated water drainage system. However, if one or more of these drains becomes blocked for a long period of time, it can become a flat roof problem and lead to large scale water leaks.
  5. Loose Flashing — Another system to manage water on a flat roof, flashing is used to direct water away from key areas. The metal flashing coming loose is a flat roof problem that is fairly simple, but absolutely essential, to repair. Since the flashing is used to protect highly vulnerable areas, if it’s missing, your roof can start to leak.

All of these roof defects can pose a large problem if left alone, however, in most cases they can all be fixed in a single day. Our service department was specifically founded to solve issues like these for businesses before they become emergencies.

Roof Maintenance Service Agreement

roof maintenance service agreement

Since all of these roof defects can be difficult to notice, yet destructive if missed, many business owners prefer a proactive roof maintenance strategy. That’s why we also offer roof maintenance service agreements for businesses in our area. Our commercial roofers perform regularly scheduled maintenance and periodic inspection to ensure the roof is free of damage. This is a strategy that allows business owners and facility managers to pay small maintenance fees in order to prevent unexpected large-scale damage to their roofs.

The cost of our roof service agreements is based on the dimensions of the roof and the frequency of the scheduled work. In addition, for all clients with roof maintenance service agreements, we allow them to lock in better rates, while enjoying priority service for repairs and other roof work.

How long does your roof have left? Learn more about average commercial roof lifespans.

Let us Solve Your Flat Roof Problems Today

If your roof has a small leak right now, reach out today so our service department can diagnose and fix the problem immediately. Our prices our competitive, and the quality of work is unbeatable. We’re ready to help solve your flat roof problems right now. If you would like to get more information on signing up for a roof maintenance service agreement, let’s talk about the condition of your roof and how to best protect it.