Why Commercial Roof Inspections Are So Important

Your roof is one of the biggest assets of your business that you never think about. When your roof performs well, you never know it’s there. However, when your roof leaks, it’s an emergency — and a costly one at that.

So, is your roof in A+ shape or is it a year — and a bad winter — away from costing you several thousand dollars? If you don’t know, we recommend a commercial roof inspection. At J. Smucker Contracting, we offer every new client a commercial roof inspection to find out what condition their roof is in — good or bad.

Read our blog to learn what it entails, why it’s so important, and how to claim your FREE commercial roof inspection today.

How a Professional Roof Inspection Can Help You

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Knowledge is power. Knowing the condition of your roof allows you or the decision makers to plan and budget accordingly.

These are the reasons any business owner or facility manager should get a roof inspection for their building at least once:

  1. Find Out How Long the Roof Has Left — Large-scale roof work tends to be expensive — so having as much notice as possible is a good thing. If your roof needs replacement or restoration, you want to plan for it more than a year in advance. As part of any roof inspection, we’ll give you an estimate as to how long your roof will last before needing large-scale work.

    We reveal average commercial roof lifespans.
  2. Leverage Preventative Maintenance — Roof inspections aren’t only for damaged roofs. In fact, learning that your roof is in good shape is a great opportunity. We offer numerous roof coatings that prevent the most common forms of damage and can make your building more energy-efficient.
  3. Find and Prevent Problems — If our roofing experts see the telltale signs of a problem starting to form, we can tell you how to fix it before it gets out of hand. This can be the difference between spending a few hundred dollars for a one-day fix and spending tens of thousands of dollars for a brand new roof.

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Our Inspection Checklist

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As part of a commercial roof inspection, our experts will hunt high and low for the damage that destroys other roofs.

These are the key areas we examine during a roof inspection — and what we’re looking for when we do:

  • Hunt for Rips or Punctures in the Membrane — The main layer (or membrane) of your roof has an important job to do: repelling the water that would destroy your roof. That’s why we examine the membrane of your roof for rips or punctures during every commercial roof inspection. Surface damage to your roof membrane can cause massive and destructive leaks — so it is crucially important to find and rectify them as soon as possible.
  • Examine the Seams — On EPDM roofs, the seams between pieces of membrane are the #1 spot for leaks. That’s why we pay special attention to the seams of your roof during an inspection. We’d rather find a leak during the inspection than have you find it when water starts pouring through your ceiling during a rainstorm.
  • Check Around Protrusions — Most commercial roofs house important features such as HVAC equipment, ventilation systems, or skylights. If your roof does, that’s no problem — you just need to pay extra attention. Any protrusions on your roof have the potential to leak. We make this an area of focus during any business roof inspection.
  • Look For Ponding Water / Check Drainage Systems — Any well-built flat roof has systems in place to drain water away from the roof surface. As part of the commercial roof inspection, our team will assess how well those systems are working. If we see ponding water or damaged drainage systems, those are signs your roof needs some help.
  • Check the Condition of Fasteners — Whether you have a metal or a membrane roof, the fasteners do an important job — but they are unfortunately vulnerable to rust. If these exposed metal fasteners do rust out, it can be the start of a major leak. That’s why we check these for the early signs of oxidation during any commercial roof inspection.

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Claim a Free Commercial Roof Inspection

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At J. Smucker Contracting, we have a special deal for any business that has never worked with us before. We want to offer you a 100% free, no obligation commercial roof inspection. There’s no charge and no obligation!

If your roof is in good condition, we’re more than happy to give you the peace-of-mind knowing you have nothing to worry about. Other than suggesting a preventative maintenance coating that increases energy efficiency, you won’t have anything to think about. However, if we do spot the signs of serious damage taking root, we’ll tell you what it takes to fix it.

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