Ballasted EPDM

Many business buildings in our area have been around for over 20-years and their roofs have taken a hit from weather and time. The 1970s and 1980s were popular Ballasted EPDM roofing eras and after twenty years, many building owners have found that these roofs need quite a bit of work. The roofing experts at J. Smucker want to help your building last another 20 years with a new or restored roof that has better benefits than your current Ballasted EPDM roof.

What is Ballasted EPDM?

If you’ve ever walked on your roof and noticed rocks, you more than likely have a ballasted roof. Unfortunately, that trip onto your roof might have caused leaks. This roofing type was popular because it was sustainable, easy to install, and most importantly, guaranteed work for a roofer in the future because of the structure of a ballasted EPDM roof;

  1. Metal roof deck
  2. EPDM Roof membrane
  3. Insulation
  4. Ballast Stone

The problem is in the ballast stones or river rocks. When someone walks on your roof, these stones rub together and can puncture the EPDM membrane which is the waterproofing sheet protecting your building. This leads to leaks that can encompass your whole roof. Since most buildings have mechanical units on their roofs, trips for repairs can be the cause of leaks. Roofers knew this over 30 years ago, but until recently, there weren’t any other options.

Why should I replace a ballasted EPDM roof?

As the roofing industry has developed, so have the advancement of materials. Many more effective roofing types don’t require constant repair and are more sustainable than a ballasted EPDM roof. Some of the main reasons why you should replace your ballasted roof are;

  • Damage from foot traffic
  • Stone breakdown
  • Previous repairs not done right

If you’ve had leaks fixed before and your roofer didn’t replace the ballast rocks when they were finished, your roof still isn’t protected properly. When a roofer neglects to cover the EPDM with the river rocks, the membrane will receive the brunt of bad weather and cause holes to form. Understanding the complexity of these roofs and how to update or replace them is a specialty of J. Smucker Contracting. We understand that restoring or replacing a ballasted roof is a big step, and we will help you choose the best material so your roof will last another 20 years.