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March 29, 2022

Trust a Diamond-Preferred Conklin Company for Your Roof

You want to know that the people and companies you trust are the absolute best in the business. At J. Smucker Contracting, we strive every day, and with every project, to be the very best in the commercial roofing field. As a result, we’ve been given the distinction of being named a Diamond-Preferred Conklin company — the highest recognition given by the nationwide roofing manufacturer!

At J. Smucker Contracting, we are an exclusively commercial roofing contractor, and we’re proud to be a Conklin company. That means that we use the full range of Conklin-developed roofing products to replace and restore our clients’ roofs. How often do we solve problems for our clients? We perform over half a million square feet of roofing work each year!

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In order to qualify as a Conklin Diamond-Preferred Company, you need to perform a high volume of work using Conklin products — and several of your projects must pass a rigorous quality inspection performed by a Conklin inspector.

So, how rare is the distinction of being a Diamond-Preferred Conklin Company? J. Smucker Contracting is one of just two in the country. Learn more about why to trust J. Smucker Contracting — and about the Conklin roof restoration savings we provide.

Conklin Roof Restoration Savings

One of the most popular solutions that we provide for our clients is the signature Conklin roof restoration system. An alternative to total roof replacement, restoration makes damaged roofs stronger than when they were new — and they’re guaranteed to last for 18 years. The restoration system involves patching and reinforcing individual pieces of the roof while applying an ultra-strong coating to the entire roof. In addition to the convenience, the Conklin roof restoration savings are what makes this solution stand out for business owners.

Compared to the price of tearing off and replacing a roof, Conklin restoration costs approximately 50% less — while making the roof better than before. Not only does restoration proactively reinforce the weak points of the roof, but it also changes your roof’s color to white, ultimately making it more energy-efficient. This final benefit helps you save money year-after-year by cutting your heating and cooling costs.

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This is one of the services that we are best known for offering as a Conklin company. In fact, in the course of our history, we’ve successfully performed over one million square feet of roof restoration projects!

The reason that business owners value our Diamond-Preferred status is because they can guarantee that they are not only taking advantage of the Conklin roof restoration savings — but that they are working with a trusted partner who does the job right every time.

Other Expert Roofing Services We Offer

While J. Smucker Contracting may make our name through our Conklin roof restoration savings and providing long-lasting roof performance, we don’t just stop there! We are a full-service roofing company, too. Our team of experts are ready to handle everything from small, single-day roof repairs, to massive new roof installation projects.

Conklin employs the most rigorous testing and creates every product to the highest quality standards — that’s why we use their products. As a Conklin company, we also have full access to all of Conklin’s membrane roofing materials. Conklin produces both TPO and PVC roofing options that surpass almost all other roofing materials on the market.

Learn more about the lifespan of different commercial roof materials.

Get a Free Inspection from the Diamond-Preferred Conklin Company

At J. Smucker Contracting, we’re proud of the expert commercial work we do — and of our status as a Diamond-Preferred Conklin Company. One of the other ways we go above and beyond right from the start is by offering free roof inspections for potential clients.

An expert roof inspection is crucial for business owners and facility mangers. Our experts can show you what, if anything, is wrong with your roof — and we can tell you how best to rectify it too. Trust J. Smucker Contracting and bring award-winning service to your roof.

Contact us to request your free roof inspection — and to start the conversation!