cool roofing lancaster
March 24, 2022

Cool Roofing in the North

Living in the northern part of the US, we see our fair share of snow but are also treated to hot, hot, heat. With so many business owners debating the benefits of a cooling roof and a typical dark roof, many have been wondering if it’s worth the time and energy their roof to a cooling one. Looking at the temperature outside and the variance in costs of energy will help us understand if the cooling roof option is beneficial for those in the north. As a commercial building owner, you are responsible for the heating and cooling of a significant amount of square footage. We’ve highlighted two popular types of roofs used in roofing;

  • Cool Roof – reflects the sun’s energy, and reduces air-conditioning in the summer or on days over 65°
  • Dark Roof – dark in color to absorb the sun’s energy in chilly months, and reduces heating costs in the winter or on days less than 65°

Heating Days vs. Cooling Days

If you look at last year’s average temperatures, you’d be surprised to see that our area had more days than not that were over 65°. Living in the north, you have to be adaptable with your internal temperature controls. The 198 days over 65° would be considered “air-condition days” and the other 167 days are considered “heated days.”

With the plentiful option of natural gas, the US has been able to keep heating costs stable for many years. Businesses can budget for the colder days with confidence. Also, many warehouses work with their utility companies for a flat amount per cubic foot used. Air-conditioning, on the other hand, is more complicated with a base rate, time of use rate, and demand charge equation. This option is harder to budget for as the cost of air-conditioning is a lot higher per cubic foot.


When you take the cost difference of heating versus cooling and consider the difference in days of heat and cold, cool roofs are beneficial for any commercial building anywhere in the US. Overall, the amount of money you will save over the year will be considerable, which justifies the costs and time associated with updating your roof to a cooler version. Contact J. Smucker Contracting today to see how much money you can save!