Commercial Roof Repair
March 24, 2022

When was the last time you looked at your building’s roof? It may not be the first or even the fifth thing you consider about your building, but inspections after storms and before winter will keep roofing problems from going unnoticed. Here are some easy steps to ensure your roof is going to continue to keep your business dry.

How to Inspect a Roof

  1. Inspect your business’s exterior. – The exterior of your building is the first thing customers see. If they are noticing roofing problems, chances are you will too. Look for damage, sagging, and aging.
  2. Check your ceiling inside. – If you notice any sunlight, stains, or sagging, call your roofing company immediately! Sunlight means there is a hole in your plywood decking and it needs to be remedied by a contractor. Stains and sagging are the telltale sign of a leak that needs immediate attention.
  3. Take note of nature. – Moss, leaves, and branches enjoy making their home on many buildings’ roofs. Keeping your roof free of debris will ensure the surface of your roof stays intact.
  4. Look for any curled, ripped, or pulled material. – Single-ply roofing, if not installed right, can get caught in the wind and tear free. This waterproofing layer needs to adhere tightly to your roof for it to be effective. If you notice any wear, call J. Smucker for an estimate to recoat your roof.
  5. Clean any gutters or downspouts. – Leaves and debris get caught in gutters which causes water build-up after a rain or snowmelt. Keeping gutters free of blockage will prevent water from pooling on your roof and wearing away the protection of your roof.
  6. Inspect the flashing and areas around pipes. – What is flashing? Flashing is the metal material that covers the joints on your roof. This is the first defense against preventing water leaking into your building. If flashing is bent or shifting, a leak could occur. When you get your roof evaluated or repaired, take care to mention any flashing damages.

Inspecting your roof is only half of the battle of keeping your building dry. Finding a roofing contractor, you can depend on takes time. J. Smucker will give you a free estimate to take care of any problems and to make sure your roof is ready for winter. Call us today to schedule your free roofing estimate today!