How Foam Roofing Can Enhance the Quality of Your Roof

It’s no surprise that your roof is the one part of your building that takes the brunt of Mother Nature’s force, from inclement weather like rain and snow to constant exposure to sunlight and wildlife. This is why it is so important to protect your roof. Foam roofing—also known as spray polyurethane foam roofing (SPF)—was designed to do just that: protect and insulate your roof.

Even when it’s not raining, the sun can have profound effects on the health of your roof. The “urban heat island effect,” which causes any given city’s temperature to rise beyond that of the surrounding area, is the result of heat being trapped during the daylight hours. When protected with SPF and properly maintained, roofing becomes thermally insulated. This means that with a coating of spray polyurethane roofing, buildings with the SPF system will have a reduced contribution to the urban heat island effect.

Conklin’s SPF system has one of the lowest roofing life-cycle costs in the industry, which makes it not only cost-efficient but affordable no matter how large your roof or building may be. With a Conkling SPF roofing system maintained by J. Smucker Contracting, your roof will not only enjoy a vastly extended life but so much more:

  • Advanced insulation and protection as the SPF chemically bonds to your roof’s surface, creating a seamless, watertight protective barrier. It’s easy to install and can be applied to virtually any roofing surface, which means J. Smucker will get the job done right.
  • Reduced energy costs thanks to the insulation and reflective properties of Conklin’s foam roofing system. Conklin’s SPF system is capable of reflecting up to 85% of the sun’s heat, even during the hottest months of the year, while ensuring a reduction in lost heat during the winter.
  • Supports your roof by providing additional stability, enhanced durability against harsh weather conditions and temperatures, and a powerful resistance to chemicals, dirt, and loss of color. With a tougher roof made to last, investing in our spray polyurethane foam roofing system will ensure your roof is protected for up to 18 years—and that’s our warranty (non-prorated).

There are so many other reasons to switch to a foam roofing system, but the biggest is increasing your roof’s efficiency and life. With regular maintenance and a system designed to weather even the severest of conditions, J. Smucker Contracting is ready to help you make the most out of your roof today.