Metal Roofing Myths

Metal roofing is gaining popularity in the commercial roofing industry, and while many businesses are seeing the benefits of metal roofing, some are still unsure if a metal roof is right for them. Understanding and debunking metal roofing myths will help you decide if a metal roof is a good choice for your business.

Metal Roof Myths

  1. Metal roofing is expensive. – Metal roofing is initially more expensive but offers greater savings over the years for building owners. Since metal is extremely durable, longevity reduces costs in the future. With the addition of a reflective coating, the energy savings will also add to the value of a metal roof.
  2. Metal roofing doesn’t last as long as other roofing materials. – Maintenance has a lot to do with how long a roof lasts, regardless of the material used. Because of the lightweight nature of metal roofing, it has less effect on your building’s structure, and since it is not brittle, it doesn’t break.
  3. Metal roofing attracts lightning. – You probably learned in elementary grade school that metal conducts electricity, but metal doesn’t act like a magnet to electricity. In essence, if there is a storm, your building’s metal roof won’t bring the lightning to your doorstep. Since metal roofs are non-combustible, your building is safer than using other flammable roofing materials.
  4. Metal roofing is noisy. – While some like the sound of rain on a roof, some are turned away by it. Metal roofs are installed over a wooden platform in addition to insulation. The additional layers dull the noise that you would think comes with a metal roof.
  5. Metal roofing will make your business colder. – As with the noise of rain, the insulation and extra layers of material keep your building warm. A successful metal roof will hold in the heat during winter and keep the cool air from escaping in the summer.

Metal roofing isn’t for every business owner, but now that you know the many benefits of metal roofing, you may decide to make it part of your building’s exterior. If you’d like to learn more about metal roofing call J. Smucker Contracting to see which option is best for you!