Preventative Roof Maintenance is Way Better than Reactive Roof Repair

What Is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is basically a checkup. Just like your body needs a checkup once or twice a year to ensure your good health or spot any health concerns, your roof needs that as well.

Your building’s roof goes through a lot in a year. Extreme temperature swings, ice, snow, rain, winds, storm debris, foot traffic for HVAC inspection, the list goes on. It takes a beating!

You need to keep it functioning at its best 24/7/365. That means inspecting and repairing it from the flashings to the parapets and everywhere in between. Preventative maintenance is part of a strategy for effective property management. It should be part of your routine building maintenance.

Preventative maintenance for an industrial roof, however, should be done by a professional roof technician like those on the J. Smucker Company team. As an A+ rated contractor with the Better Business Bureau and a Top-Rated HomeAdvisor roofing company, we know our roofing professionals can play an integral role in a preventative maintenance plan for your building.


What Happens During Preventative Maintenance?

We come out one to two times a year, depending on your roof’s needs, and we inspect it. We walk the roof looking for issues, tears, and holes. We clean drains, which is crucial for making sure no debris is keeping it from moving water off the roof. If your drains are clogged, it can cause water to overflow and leak into your building’s interior.

We make small repairs when needed, within a 2-hour labor allotment, and recommend any additional repairs needed beyond that. We give you discounted pricing on those repairs. Our team of commercial roofing pros has years of experience in resolving common flat roof defects and commercial roof issues.

We offer professional inspection, detection, correction, and prevention.

During our roof inspection, there’s no need to stop your business’s normal operating procedures and no need for costly downtime in warehouse production or other functions.

Is Preventative Maintenance Expensive?

No! When you compare it to the cost of repairs due to leaks, both inside and outside, preventative maintenance is a fraction of the cost! A preventative maintenance plan is sound property management. It’s what makes a facility manager a responsible professional or one who likes to take a gamble on a building’s overall health.

Preventative maintenance may help prevent costs incurred from extensive property damage and prevent possible injuries sustained from facility damage.

The cost of preventative maintenance through J. Smucker Contracting is based on the dimensions of your roof and how often you want us to perform scheduled inspection and services. We enable our customers to lock in better rates while gaining priority repair service on other roof work.

Why Do Preventative Maintenance?

Preventing costly damage is only one of the reasons to perform yearly preventative maintenance on your roof!

Preventative maintenance may be required as part of the roof manufacturer’s warranty.

At the end of the day, your roof is your building’s most important component. It allows your employees to work safely inside, and your business to keep rolling along. Interior repairs due to leaks that go undetected can lead to employee downtime, and lost revenues.

Get an Estimate on Preventative Maintenance

Let us keep your roof at its best, and let you do what you do best! A preventative approach to maintenance is much better than a reactive approach to it. Reactive approaches almost always end up with more extensive repair needs and in production downtime.