The True Cost of Leaks

Owning a building for your business is a balancing act. Between maintenance, sales, and employees, you have your hands full! Unfortunately, one of your building’s aspects that can’t go unnoticed is a leak. Roofs will leak for many different reasons and as much as we try to prevent it, leaks normally occur when a roof is at the end of its life-cycle. What can one little leak do? Quite a lot if you ignore it for too long. Here are some important reasons that a leak should be on the top of your list to fix if you find one.

  1. Customer Reactions – If you run a business that has customers walking through your building, a leak could change the perspective of customers. If you are letting a leak wreak havoc and not fixing it, how will that reflect on your customer service?
  2. Interior Damage – The longer you neglect a leak, more damage will occur to the carpet, furniture, electronics, and painted walls. If you factor in the replacement or fixing cost of these damages, that may be enough reason to call a roofer.
  3. Business Downtime – Employees are your responsibility and if there is a safety issue, they won’t be able to work. Even manufacturing machinery won’t be able to work in leaking conditions.
  4. Exterior Damage – Your roof deck can start to show wear and other effects of a leak which will cause additional work to be needed when you do decide to replace your roof.
  5. Higher Energy Bills – Moisture trapped in your roofing system can lower the efficiency of your insulation. Whether the weather outside is hot or cold, you’ll be paying more to make your building a comfortable temperature.
  6. Higher Costs Later – Putting off a roof replacement will hurt you in the long run. Leaks left unattended will shorten the life of your roof and incur additional costs down the road.

Understanding how important it is to quickly fix leaks will save you time and headaches later. We understand that a new roof is a large expense and a big decision. J. Smucker Contracting will help you see the benefits to fixing your roof quickly and efficiently with our Conklin products.