What Does a Flat Roof Replacement Cost?

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Tearing off and installing a new flat roof is an expense big enough that most businesses plan a whole year ahead for it. However, sometimes nature or coincidence steps in and your roof needs to be replaced ASAP. Whether you’re planning a whole year ahead or you’re facing an emergency job, you’re probably wondering, “What does a flat roof replacement cost?”

You’re in the right place. J. Smucker Contracting is an exclusively commercial roofing company that repairs, replaces, and restores a wide variety of flat roofs. We can give you an educated guess for what your flat roof replacement cost will be — and we will also provide FREE in-person estimates.

Ballpark Flat Roof Replacement Estimates

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Without seeing your roof, the material, the condition of it, or any extenuating factors, we can only give you a ballpark figure for your flat roof replacement estimate.

Here are some of the most common situations that we quote — and flat roof replacement costs for each:

  1. 10,000 Sq. Ft. Single-Ply Roof — Insulation does not need replaced: Approximately $50,000

    This is a good baseline price as far as flat roof estimates are concerned. The 10,000 square foot size is fairly standard, which makes it an ideal size to estimate. In addition, since the insulation is in decent condition, our roofers do not need to tear it away and replace it. For this kind of replacement, our roofers will tear off the old roof, install a recovery board over the installation, replace all edging, and install the new single-ply roof system.
  2. 10,000 Sq. Ft. Single-Ply Roof — Insulation needs replaced: Approximately $70,000

    If the roof has been allowed to leak for an extended period of time, the insulation will be rotted and will require replacement. This additional labor and material adds approximately an extra $20,000 onto the price of the project. See the 5 flat roof leak signs you can find on your own.
  3. 10,000 Sq. Ft. Hot Tar Roof: Approximately $100,000

    Tearing off this older style flat roof is a labor-intensive process. As a result, the price to replace it with a modern single-ply roof reflects the added time, making the flat roof replacement cost higher.
  4. 10,000 Sq. Ft. Ballasted Roof System: Approximately $55,000

    Using stones to hold down rubber and insulation, ballasted roofs are a less common style that requires additional labor to tear off. As a result, the cost to remove and replace these roofs is higher. Replacing these older styles with modern single-ply roofs provides a wide variety of advantages.
  5. Complicated/Multi-Level 10,000 Sq. Ft. Single-Ply Roof — Insulation does not need replaced: Approximately $80,000

    This is one of the hardest flat roof replacement estimates to give because complicated or multi-level roofs will vary so much. These complex roofs are ones that feature extensive HVAC systems to work around, unusual shapes, or multiple levels. Like with any of these roof types, it is best to schedule a free in-person consultation to receive an estimate for your specific roof.

Roof Restoration Advantages

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Any work on your commercial roof will be somewhat expensive, however, a full tear-off and replacement is the most expensive procedure. That’s why we offer full commercial roof restoration as an alternative. A less expensive, yet fully-warranted solution, restoration is another option that solves all problems with leaking, cracking, and other damage.

Our Conklin roof restoration system is backed by an up-to non-prorated 18-year warranty and essentially makes your roof better than when it was new. Generally, our roof restoration costs about LESS than half as much as what a full replacement would cost.

Learn more about our Conklin roof coating solution.

The only issue with this solution is that if the roof has been allowed to leak and take damage for too long, its condition may be too poor to take advantage of roof restoration. That’s why we always encourage keeping an eye on your roof’s condition with repairs and preventative maintenance.

Get Your Flat Roof Replacement Cost with a Free Estimate

Whether you’re intrigued to learn more about roof restoration or you need a full tear-off, the next step is to find out what your specific flat roof replacement will cost.

The only way to do that is a consultation from a roofing expert. Contact J. Smucker Contracting to schedule your official flat roof replacement estimate.