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March 24, 2022

Why Conklin Restoration is the Best Commercial Roofing Solution

Your business’s commercial roof is one of your most expensive assets and most crucial investments — even though you might not think about it often. Your roof is often out of sight and out of mind, but when it is on your mind, you’re worried.

As a business owner or facility manager, you know that a full roof replacement is easily a six-figure penalty — one that you’d desperately like to avoid. Depending on the problems plaguing your roof, such as leaking seams or standing water, you may think that a total roof replacement is inevitable.

That once was once true, but that’s not the case anymore. The Conklin Roof Restoration System fixes the 5 most common problems that destroy both flat rubber and metal commercial roofs, even boasting an iron-clad 18-year leak-free warranty.

The five roofing problems the Conklin Roof Restoration system solves:


  1. Leaking seams — Since single ply membranes come in rolls, the places of overlap between the rolls — called seams — are your roofs weak points on rubber roofs. As your roof ages, water can infiltrate the seams, destroying your roof. The seams of metal roofs, between metal pieces, are also vulnerable for similar reasons.
  2. Roof membrane deterioration — The chemical components that comprise the membrane of your TPO rubber roof can break down after spending years in the sun. This causes the membrane itself to become brittle and crack. These cracks allow water to infiltrate and undermine your roof.
  3. Membrane expansion and contraction — The black membranes on EPDM roofs expand and contract in the heat, causing the protective surface to tear around the edges.
  4. Poor drainage — Signs of poor roof drainage include ponding water and algae growth. Any number of problems can cause your roof to have poor drainage, and we can fix them all.
  5. Rusted or rotted fasteners — The biggest issue for metal roofs, the protective coating eventually washes off metal fasteners causing them to rust or rot.


Learn more about how our roofing restoration fixes each of these costly and common problems. Plus, get the scoop on how much you can save when you choose roof restoration over full roof replacement.

Conklin Roof Restoration System vs. The 5 Common Problems

spray-on elastomeric acrylic roof coating

Conklin Roof Restoration is a proprietary plan and product line centered on spray-on Elastomeric acrylic roof coatings. This environmentally-friendly, water-based roof coating forms a nearly indestructible flexible membrane on your existing roof.

The steps the J. Smucker team performs as part of roof restoration:


  1. We pressure wash the roof to remove any loose debris
  2. Apply a base coat of the roof coating
  3. Roll on and attach fabric to the roofing seams
  4. Apply roof coating to covered seams
  5. Spray Elastomeric roof coating across entire roof


As a secondary benefit of a Conklin Roof Restoration, your roof can be white in color which reflects sunlight, cutting your summertime cooling bills. If white’s not your color, you can enjoy any number of styles, thanks to our variety of coating colors.

How Does the Conklin System Solve Roofing Problems?

conklin system solving roofing problems

The Conklin System was specifically designed to solve the most common roofing problems, while costing far less than a full roof replacement.


  1. Leaking seams: By adding a sealed strip of fabric to the seams, we turn the weakest point on the roof into the strongest. We also apply the same formula to the seams on metal roofs, leaving those seams equally defended. Since the seams on some metal roofs leak from day one, you may end up with a better roof than when it was brand new. For metal and rubber roofing, the Conklin System creates a truly seamless roof coating.
  2. TPO membrane deterioration: The impervious coat of sealant adheres completely to your existing membrane, adding a minimum of 18 years of reliability onto your roof.
  3. EPDM membrane holes: The coating bonds onto the damaged EPDM membrane, filling in all the holes with a nearly-indestructible coating. By turning the surface white with the coating, your roof will reflect sunlight, no longer expanding and contracting. As a bonus, you’ll likely see your AC bills drop next summer.
  4. Poor rooftop drainage: If the roof drainage is failing because of weak structural diverters and drains, we will replace those before coating the roof. If water is pooling in divets in the rooftop surface, we will fill those divets with a dense application of roof coating. Either way, your roof will drain and be tougher than ever before.
  5. Damaged fasteners (metal roof): Again, the Conklin system turns the weakest point into the strongest. First, we caulk the fasteners and washer heads completely and then coat them with our patented Elastomeric acrylic. By applying this product to a metal roof, we can prevent rust, essentially creating a metal roof that’s better than new.


The Conklin Roof Restoration vs. Roof Installation Comparison

Without a fluid-applied or retrofit restoration, the other method to remedy a damaged roof is a replacement. If you’ve been pricing that out, this is the option you’re trying to avoid.

  • On average, Conklin Roof Restoration costs approximately half as much as re-roofing.
  • From start to finish, Conklin Roof Restoration can be completed in 4 or 5 days. Re-roof with a tear-off takes 2 full weeks at the minimum. This is based on a 20,00 square foot roof.
  • Re-roofing often requires you to cease operations in the area that the roof is being removed. Our clients hardly know we were there.

The Difference Between Roof Restoration and Roof Sealing

commercial conklin roof restoration

Sometimes business owners confuse our method with a maintenance or silver coat.

The biggest difference is that our Conklin method acts as a full restoration system, while roof sealing just serves as a simple maintenance routine. Basically, roof sealing is used to keep rust at bay while providing short-term waterproofing — not fixing a damaged roof.

Simply put, roof sealing has its place for the minor maintenance of new roofs, but can’t come close to providing the solutions of the patented Conklin Roof Restoration.

An Experienced Conklin Roof Restoration Team

If you’re interested in putting the Conklin Roof Restoration system to work for you, get in contact J. Smucker Contracting. J. Smucker Contracting is a fully-licensed and insured commercial roofer with more than 2 decades of experience and a massive list of satisfied clients.

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