6 Reasons to Schedule Your Roof Coating Over the Summer

Commercial roof coating is a fantastic solution that fixes the most common roofing problems — without total replacement. While you can count on the protection of our roofing solution 365 days a year, summer is the best time to have it installed. Here are all 6 reasons why scheduling your roof coating over the summer is the BEST decision.

  1. Summer Roof Coating is Quicker — While a roof restoration is an in-depth process any time of year, it goes quicker over the summer. Summer weather means our teams have longer to work each day — and morning dew won’t slow down our progress like it does in the spring and fall. Scheduling your roof restoration over the summer means our crews get in and out faster than ever.
  2. Summer Roof Coating is More Cost-Effective — Since roof coating over the summer is quicker, we can pass those savings along to you! Scheduling your roof coating for over the summer makes the whole project more budget-friendly for you.
  3. Shorter Lead Times — Since the early fall is the busiest time for roof coating, if you schedule in the middle of summer, you’ll enjoy shorter lead times and priority scheduling. Contact us to find out how soon you can schedule your commercial roof coating.
  4. Can’t Do Roof Coating Late Fall/Winter — The unique nature of the acrylic-based coating means that it is susceptible to cold temperatures. While our roofing coating product is extremely powerful, it can’t properly cure and dry in temperatures under 50 degrees. If installed too late in the winter, the coating can blister and fail. Since we back all of our solutions with an up to 30-year warranty, we can’t install a product that may fail — that’s why we can’t perform restoration in the late fall or winter.
  5. End of Season Tends to Fill Up — Since fall is the end of our restoration season and the busiest time, time slots in our schedule are EXTREMELY limited. If you wait too long to schedule, we may be out of room and you’ll be left waiting for next year.
  6. Winter Makes Roof Leaks WAY Worse — If your roof is showing signs of damage and you need roof restoration ASAP, waiting through the winter can be dangerous. The snow and ice of winter storms can make roof leaks way worse, potentially destroying your roof. If you wait too long for your roof coating, it might be too late — and you’ll be stuck needing a total replacement.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Schedule Your Roof Coating

We can apply one of our signature Conklin roof coatings from mid-spring to early fall, but all of our most-experienced clients schedule their roof restoration for over the summer — and that’s no accident. Getting your commercial roof coated over the summer months guarantees the best price, the most convenient process, and the solutions you need.

Benefits of Roof Coating and Restoration with J. Smucker Contracting

Commercial roof restoration is far less expensive and less invasive than a full roof tear-off, but that doesn’t mean you want it to cost any more or take any longer than necessary.

J. Smucker Contracting’s roof restoration system fixes leaks and other common types of roof damage — guaranteed for up to 30 years.

Our roof restoration repairs the following:

  • All types of roof leaks
  • TPO roof membrane cracking
  • Poor drainage leading to ponding water
  • Rusted or rotten fasteners

In addition, our roof coating leaves your roof white to reflect the sun for added energy efficiency. Learn more about our commercial roof restoration process.

Schedule Your Roof Coating Now

SPF roof coating

While the fall may be the busiest season, summer is the perfect time to schedule a roof coating that will protect your building 365 days a year.

At J. Smucker Contracting, we specialize in providing you the commercial roofing solutions that save you money and time — as well as give you the peace-of-mind you need. We have appointments open — contact us to schedule right now!