Commercial Roof Lifespan

The longer the lifespan of your commercial roof, the longer you can wait before you have to write a big check to replace it. While commercial roof lifespan can differ between different styles and materials, knowing the life expectancy of your roof can help you make the right financial decisions no matter what.

We break down the life expectancy for the most common types of commercial roofs, such as:

  • Standing Seam Metal Roofs
  • Flat R-Panel Metal Roofs
  • EPDM Rubber Roofs
  • TPO Single Ply Roofs
  • Modified Bitumen Roofs

Learn the average lifespan for each of these roof types — to figure out how long YOUR roof has left. Plus, get the scoop on OUR roof restoration solution that adds a guaranteed 18 years onto your commercial roof’s lifespan.

Life Expectancy for Each Type of Commercial Roof

EPDM rubber roof life expectancy:

12-year to 15-year lifespan (seams)

One of the most common commercial roofing materials, EPDM rubber roofs are put together using rolls of a highly durable rubber roofing material. While the rubber membrane itself should last around 20 years, the seams between rolls are the weak point, cutting the average EPDM roof life expectancy.

EPDM rubber roof with 12-year to 15-year lifespan

However, after 20 years, the EPDM surface does become chalky and stops preventing moisture infiltration.

Our roof restoration system adds 18 years onto the roof lifespan by addressing damage to both the seams and the surface. As an added bonus, our solution turns the roof white, causing the roof to reflect the sunlight. This keeps the whole building cooler during the summer, leading to substantial energy savings. Essentially, our roof solution makes EPDM roofs better than when they were brand new.

TPO single ply roof life expectancy:

Approximately 15-year lifespan

A contrast to an EPDM roof, on a TPO roof, the seams last longer than the surface material. Most TPO roofs fail because the single surface membrane breaks down after years of exposure and is no longer water resistant.

TPO single ply roof with approximately 15-year lifespan

Our roof solution restores the water resistant qualities, adding 18 years onto the TPO roof life expectancy. Plus, our roof restoration keeps the roof white, allowing your energy bills to stay low.

Commercial r-panel metal roof life expectancy:

15-year to 20-year lifespan

This common type of flat metal roofing features interconnected metal panels. The seams between the metal panels are the major weak point on this type of roof. When water infiltrates the roof seams, it can lead to a massive mold infestation along with water-based damage. That’s the main reason this roof type doesn’t have a longer lifespan without professional commercial roofing services.

Commercial r-panel metal roof with 15-year to 20-year lifespan

As part of our roof restoration system, we coat the entire roof in layers of waterproof sealant, and pay particularly close attention to the seams. Since seams are the most common area of roof failure, we coat them in sealant and install fabric over them. Following that, we add another layer of sealant onto the fabric. Essentially, this tactic turns the weakest part of the roof into the strongest.

Standing seam metal roof life expectancy:

20-year to 30-year lifespan

A contrast to flat r-panel metal roofs, standing seam roofs feature angled roof panels. The seam sits between the metal panels, at the highest point of the roof. The elevated seam is far less likely to leak, leading to an increase in flat roof life expectancy.

Standing seam metal roof with 20-year to 30-year lifespan

While the seams themselves are protected from leaks, the fasteners are at risk to rust, and the flashings are still susceptible to damage, too. However, standing seam metal roofs are an improvement as far as lifespan is concerned.

Much like with r-panel metal roofs, we turn the weakest part of the roof into the strongest. We apply our roof restoration system to the fasteners to prevent rust and rot, protecting total roof lifespan. Even though the seams on this type of roof are better protected, we still coat them anyway, while providing a complete coat onto the roof itself.

Modified Bitumen rolled roofing life expectancy:

12-year to 30-year lifespan

Modified Bitumen isn’t one specific type of roof, but instead a class of commercial roof. This is why a modified Bitumen roof can have such a varied lifespan. One certainty of modified Bitumen roofs is that they are notoriously challenging – and expensive – to tear off. Because of the difficulty associated with removal, roof restoration becomes an even better solution.

Modified Bitumen rolled roofing with 12-year to 30-year lifespan

Our roof restoration system will save you at least half the price of tearing off and installing a new roof.

What if I don’t know what type of commercial roof I have?

If you don’t know what kind of roof your building has but you know it’s old, give us a call. We can check out your roof, let you know the type – and what level of performance you should expect over the next few years.

If you do need service, either full restoration or spot repairs, we’re already there to help.

Explore our commercial roofing systems.

Roof Restoration to Enhance Your Commercial Roof’s Lifespan

If your roof’s life expectancy is shorter than you’d like, don’t worry. Before, the only long-term solution to a leaking or degraded roof was a total roof replacement — but not anymore.

Our Conklin Roof Restoration Solution provides at least 18 years of leak free roof performance — backed by our warranty. Not only does our solution provide years of worry-free roof performance, it costs significantly less than full roof replacement.

Learn more about the benefits of roof restoration compared to replacement.

The best part of teaming with J. Smucker Contracting for your Conklin Roof Solution is we expertly service all types of commercial roofs, providing the same 18 year warranty no matter what type of roof you have. Whether you’re worried about your EPDM life expectancy or TPO life expectancy, we specialize in it.

Start the conversation to find out your commercial roof’s lifespan — and to learn about extending it with J. Smucker Contracting.